Recovery week and dealing with Injury, potential Podcast question!

Hey All,

Okay so the last 2 weeks of my Sweet Spot Base II (Medium) have not been perfect due to some knee injury I am dealing with but almost finished the block. This week is supposed to be Recovery week, which is a great timing but I think my knee will require more attention and time of the bike.

My question is, what is the difference between taking the full week off versus following the recovery week protocol?

Should I expect any detraining when testing next week?

I don’t feel that 6-7 hours of low zone 2 efforts will bring any gains anyway and I want to use that time to focus on healing.


There will be some detraining but there’ll also be some recovery to offset that and pushing on with an injury may lead to a greater loss than any detraining. Listen to your body and rest :+1:

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