Recovery or Endurance workout?

Hi all,

I had a really bad workout yesterday, did Pierce as my first workout for the low-volume short-power build plan. I feel like I sold myself short on it because I was having powermeter issues, so I’m wondering if I should make up for it today. The issue is I’ve been feeling pretty tired recently and while the motivation is there, I don’t want to get injured or get too far into overreaching.

That being said, should I do a recovery ride today or put some time into endurance? I did my ramp test on Monday, Pierce yesterday, so this would be more third consecutive day on the trainer.

Thanks all!

We see what is behind you:

What is ahead of you? If you have hard workouts ahead in the next day or so, and you are struggling to get motivated for something “easy” today, I’d suggest considering time off entirely or something SUPER easy like Dans at most.

It’s hard, but we have to let bad workouts be bad workouts sometimes. We have to be careful to not grenade our upcoming workouts by trying to “make up” for missed or under-performed workouts.


Thanks Chad. I have Lion Rock on Friday which looks to be pretty rough :flushed:

Yes, that is some good work. Maybe you could take today off, then do a Recovery or EASY Endurance workout tomorrow, as a kind of tester/opener? Might help you get some needed rest first, then see how you feel and might show you what to expect for Lion Rock on Friday?


Thanks for the advice. I agree, I think my motivation for today is purely due to pride. I want to prove to myself that I can get the miles in despite having a horrible experience yesterday.

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So @mcneese.chad, I totally ignored your advice and moved up Lion Rock to today. I thought one day of rest would be enough…it wasn’t. Couldn’t turn the pedals over by the end of the first set of intervals. Hamstrings and quads cramped in the middle of the second set, had to shut it off. My first failed workout.

I thought it was interesting that I cramped on Pierce and on Lion Rock. Since school started for my kids, I’ve had to do my workouts in the afternoon which is pretty rough on me, I usually do them first thing in the morning when it’s not 100+ degrees outside. Guess I need to adjust?

Do you have any suggestions on what one should do, after failing so spectacularly? Take a week off and restart the routine with another ramp test?

I wouldnt take a week off. IMO this isnt long term fatigue…to be brutally honest, you’re just kibd of sabotaging yourself.

I just finished short ppwer build 1. The workouts are no joke. I dont do any of them on consecutive days. Heck even with a rest day, i try to avoid doing an evening workout on wed, followed by a fri morning workout.

Seriously…I’m doing short power build for the second time now. Its going much better. 48 hrs between workouts. Eating exquisitely, carbs before workout, carbs during, no drinking (ok maybe one :slight_smile: ) night before, full nights sleep.

The Short power workouts are a bitch as it is. Dont add additional obstacles if you can avoid it.

I’d rearranged some scheduling to accomodate the plan. I have TR workouts wed, fri, sun. I also have a club ride tuesday. I used to do my tuesday night club ride, then just SUFFER through my wed workout. It was brutal, and I was failing workouts on that day.

So I started doing my wed TR workout tuesday morning, then doing my club ride later in the day. It was a big day, but the work that got me faster (imo) was the TR workout. It didnt really matter if I was 100% for the club ride. Its not a blazing fast ride…I’m not going to get dropped (no drop ride anyway), and if I was really cooked I could just skip all the sprints. And then I had two days off in a row until friday.


Thanks for the detailed reply. I seriously thought something was wrong with me. Although another issue is that school has started and I’ve had to switch my workouts from early morning to evening, I think this has been a huge issue for me since I’m exhausted by the time I come home.

Do them early. Especially if its cooler.

Getting up before dawn sucks…but getting through a VO2 max workout that even harder than it was designed to be is a special kind of suck.

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Hi all

I failed Lion Rock yesterday and I’m hoping you all could help pinpoint why. I got halfway through the second set of intervals, hamstrings started cramping and I couldn’t turn the pedals. Overall I felt bad going into the workout.

Here are things that stood out to me:
School started this week, I had to move my workouts from early morning to late afternoon when I’m at my most tired.
It’s been hot this week, over 100, and my house has been sitting at 82.
I’ve been sleeping poorly for the last 2 weeks, averaging 5.5 to 6 restless hours.
Very stressed at work since I’m backing the main producer while she’s on vacation.
I’m trying to get my weight down, lost about 5 lbs this month.
Got a bike fit down a couple weeks ago whicH has caused pain in my hips.

I guess now that I think about it, it all rolls up together. But what should I do? Stick with the short power build program or go do a week of endurance before restarting?

Thanks all!

When I started TR my kids were just starting summer break, I found it much more enjoyable doing my workouts around 7 am before the insanity started. School just started this week so I’ve had to do my workouts in the late afternoon.

I’m not sure if it’s the workouts (pierce and lion rock) or the time of day I’m working out now, but my legs are cramping and I just had my first failed workout. I’m super discouraged because I thought short power build would be more my speed.

Anyhow, I’m considering moving my workouts to 6am now in the hopes it will better suit my body.

A significant change in workout timing will have an impact on lots of things, many of which will negatively impact the first few workouts until your body starts to adjust

What temperature is your house normally at when you ride indoors?

There’s a bunch of variables you’ve changed all at once

I think the likely culprit is the temperature since it is almost certainly cooler in your house at 7 AM than it is in the later afternoon. If you want to truly try to isolate the problem try changing one thing at a time and see where you end up.

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Thanks. The area I usually workout at is about 65-70 as I pull in air from the outside with my fan.

Sounds like you’re doing the work but not getting the recovery, hence the struggles.

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An increase from 65 to 82 is a huge change in how much energy is required to keep the body cool. Have you noticed an increase in sweat working out at that temperature?

If you want to confirm this theory you could try really ramping up your AC for a day and doing a workout in the afternoon at 65-70 like normal and see how things go

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Yeah I may have to bite the bullet and pay the AC monster. I actually noticed that my RPE was significantly higher in the afternoon and my heart rate was about 7%-10% higher in the heat. Strangely enough, I didn’t really sweat that much until I stopped, then the sweat came pouring out like I’d just taken a shower; never really had that happen before.

I’m hoping that’s what it is because I can actually address it.

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I actually made the opposite switch from you because of the heat. We had a pretty mild first half of the summer where I live so I was able to workout later in the day at relatively nice indoor temperatures until mid to late July, but I wasn’t willing to pay for my house to be that cold so I’ve shifted things around and am doing 5 or 530 AM workouts until the heat breaks

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I think the bases are covered, but my quick summary:

  • Take rest and recovery seriously. Especially true after one or more “bad” workouts".
  • Try to consider ALL factors of stress in life, not just the direct cycling ones.
  • Timing and environment matter. Make sure you have a space and plan to get your workout done in the best way possible for your situation. Seemingly minor changes can often lead to major different results.

Or acclimatize to the heat over a couple weeks. My best ramp test last year was done between 6-7pm in a 90 degree garage.

I’m a dad of two (6 and 8) and I’m a teacher - so during the summer I can usually do a better job training, but during the normal school year, it is tough. I find that sometimes I can pin down the reason for a bad workout and sometimes I can’t. Sometimes I just know that I don’t feel great and that no matter what, nothing’s going to come together if I try to get on the bike.

At those times, I try to take it easy on myself and substitute an easier workout (I like Taku for just a little effort) or do a little yoga or something. Or take the day off - or even a few days. I’m not training for anything in particular other than occasional events, not races. I know that there will be high points and low points and then when I hit a low point just have faith that a high point will come again.