Just did Baxter for the first time!

I was looking for an ez ride to noodle around on and get some time in the saddle but make it more of a recovery spin and that popped up.

With all the publicity @Nate_Pearson gives it, I had to give it a shot. I gotta say, I really liked it! Easy enough where you could watch a show, intervals short enough where they were always changing but with enough substance that you still felt like you put some work in for the day. Good call Nate. When does the name change to “Nate’s” go through again?



Another good one if you only have an hour is “Black.” It’s quite Baxter-like.

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Yep I agree. Black is my go to 'easier ride when have an hour. V similar to Baxter and varied to keep your attention.

I did Colosseum the other day as an alternative to Baxter. Just for giggles.

Colosseum, West Vidette, Black, Baxter. All the same concept at different lengths and intensities. I prefer those over the Pettit, Volunteer, Taku, longer intervals. I also like to do them in resistance mode and vary cadence as the target power changes.