Shifting to Backup Event (UNBOUND to MI Coast-to-Coast)

The UNBOUND 200 lottery gods were not smiling on me this year, and I’ll be activating my backup plan of targeting Michigan Coast-to-Coast a few weeks later (June 26). I originally set Plan Builder with Unbound as my A race, back in October, so it gave me: SSB1 → 3 Weeks of SPB → SSB2 → SPB → 5 weeks of SSB1 → Specialty. I’m about to do the second ramp test in SPB.

I attempted to convince Plan Builder to generate a new plan with C2C as the A race, but which would also synchronize with where I currently am in SPB (by arbitrarily messing with dates). I couldn’t seem to make that happen.

I recall a previous thread ([]) where the final suggestion seemed to be repeating the last 4 weeks of build, however there were some differences in the situation:

  1. The OP there was going directly into Specialty, instead of repeating SSB1
  2. The OP had already started the second 4 week phase

And so I’m appealing to the current collective wisdom of the forum, what are everyone’s thoughts on how best to fill the time (guessing I might not be the only one making this event swap?)?