Opinions on best training plan to fill in gap

Long story short, I started my training (SSB HV) back in late September/early October with no real goals for 2020. I wasn’t targetting any events; just wanted to continue building fitness.

However, I quite recently put an “A” event on my calendar (120 miles, 10K ft climbing, no long climbs, mostly punchy 2-3 minutes - think Ardennes) for June 20th. Thus far I have completed SSB HV 1+2, and just recently finished up Sustained Power Build HV.

Looking for opinions on what would be the best training plan for the remaining time until my event. I have consulted Plan Builder (inputting my initial start date) and it suggested something different than what I have already done. I was planning on doing the HV Century plan in the 2 months leading up to the event, which would leave me with a gap of about 6 weeks that I could fill with a plan.

One six-week block of the SSB phase? Part of a build phase? Love to hear thoughts on this.

SSB2 would be a good filler and is often recommended by Plan Builder for this scenario.

That’s kinda what I was thinking. I might drop down SSB MV and try to do what Jonathan does - follow the plan during the week, and leave the weekends for outdoor rides now that it’s warming up.