Sensors stop showing data

My wahoo speed, cadence and hr strap are all connecting to my phone via Bluetooth.

The android app shows that they are connected with good signal, when I start my work out there is data shown but very soon after that they show nothing, but are still showing as connected.

I am using a new Moto g6 play and everything is up to date. All 3 sensors work with the wahoo head unit, batteries were fresh yesterday.

Anyone had a similar experience?

Not exactly the same but I had Wahoo Tickr issues out of the blue with the Mac app. So after a year of using it with no issues I noticed that it wasn’t showing in the workout screen, even though it was there in the devices screen. This was using ANT+. After speaking with support they recommended taking the battery out to reset the ticker but that coincided with a Mac app update and it’s been working ever since - so I have no idea if it was a bug

Hey Firemuki!

It sounds like you have gone through a bit of troubleshooting yourself, but I would recommend checking out this article we have on signal interference to see if there is anything that you missed.

Be sure to read both the General Troubleshooting and the Bluetooth Specific Troubleshooting steps.

Another step that may help is closing all non-essential applications on your phone. It is possible that the TrainerRoad app is not recieving enough processing power while completing a workout, causing the connection to drop.

If the dropouts persist after trying out these steps, please shoot us an email at Our Support Team will be happy to dig deeper into this issue with you.


I’m having a similar issue with a Lezyne (BT) HR strap. It stopped halfway through a workout and I cannot get it back. Today with a fresh battery I saw my HR belt connected and receiving data in the Device screen (HR changing) while I warmed up the trainer but only get — for HR during workout

So hopped back on the trainer. Without starting my ramp test I pedalled away on the device page. I had data flowing for a little bit then nothing.

Had an idea that maybe I had too many sensors so took the HR strap off, and tried again but the same thing happens.

One thing I noticed in work out it works for a while then the values stick at what was showing regardless of change.

I did also dig out my Bluetooth headphones and listened to the TrainerRoad podcast without problems. All apps bar TrainerRoad were closed and all sensors have fresh batteries.

(On Reddit too but covering both places - feel free to reply in just one place)

Hey Firemunki,

It sounds like you’ve covered a lot of your bases. Technically troubleshooting is not actually my forte, but Support should be able to help you work out these issues. They have access to your ride logs and can get a better picture of what is going on than I can. I see that you have an open ticket currently, and unfortunately, we are a bit backlogged in Support, but they should be getting back to you shortly :slight_smile:

Awesome, cheers man.

I too had this last week after never having any issues before. I was connected via wattbike and my HRM both by ant+ to my Samsung galaxy S7. Heart rate dropped half way through 2 rides back to back and power also dropped in those rides but came back. Both were showing as still connected however!

I have since done 1 workout this week and both were fine. :smirk:

Just in case anyone else has a similar issue:

Support replied to me in initially and said they can see some data even with nothing displayed so wanted me to try a longer ride and see what happens.

I’ve done as requested and am awaiting a reply. So will let others know the outcome.

I tried a few more steps to get my HR data including toggling BT on the laptop, and forgetting the device. Came back and worked as expected.

Having similar issues. If for any reason I have to stop and get off the bike mid-workout my Wahoo Speed sensor needs to be re-paired in order to wake up and start recording again.

It also happens to me connecting to the sensor for the first time at the beginning of the workout. This is all on the Mac app.