Android TR app dropouts

Once Friday and twice today the android TR app has dropped the signal from both HR monitor and trainer. This is peculiar to the app because in the meantime Zwift (using ANT+ on on PC) was continuing to receive the signals as usual. My fix was to instantly swipe away and close the app. Upon reopening the app would then quickly find HR and power again, and offer me to resume the workout. I never had to do this in months past.

Another issue, when trying to fix I looked under settings and the phone app would not allow me to disable bluetooth (both HR and power use ANT+). This setting is available on the desktop app, but it’s wishful thinking that it might carry over to the phone. Any reason why, or is an update forthcoming?

I’ve had this, on both my old Samsung galaxy s7 and newer s10, both of which have Ant+ and Bluetooth.

It sheds all the connections to sensors (not Bluetooth headphones of I’m using them), although it comes back but I have to wait a good while, maybe five minutes.

I’ve had this as well on my Galaxy 7. I reboot the phone, and this takes care of it. I assume the processer is overloaded, so I’ve made a habit of closing all the other screens in the phone before starting the workout. So far, so good…

So the quick fix I found didn’t work for you guys? (Just closing and reopening the TR app). At first I was worried that my workout so far would be wiped but instead it seems to be very reliable at resuming where it was interrupted. If it matters my phone is a Pixel 4.

+1 on dropping the connections, usually in the first 5 minutes. Galaxy S7 here.
I end up deleting the session and restarting.

For me, that didn’t work, phone reboot works.

I’ve been working with support as of late on a similar issue. I’ve been losing ant+ from my hr and sensors routinely. I can only get about 2 minutes at a time without a drop out. Reboots and uninstall / reinstall of TR and all ant drivers still don’t help.

Edited to add: Just to clarify, the dropout only happens on the phone, not on pc.

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I had similar issues with the tablet.
Ended up ditching the tablet and perma-installing my broken laptop and a spare tv in the pain cave as a result.
Silver lining eh :smiley:

Same issue with Samsung A30, was dealing with it about a month ago. Thought it was the podcast app I was using at the same time. Changed that and seemed be fine then started again. Then thought it was my Bluetooth headphones and stopped using them and then it happened again a week ago. Just think that maybe Bluetooth is getting overloaded with trainer, power meter and heart rate??

Also having this issue with my Sony tablet - thought it was intermittent until the other day when it dropped out several times in a workout.

Is there a way to download the workout onto the device to determine whether its a wifi or other issue?

Same issue on Fire tablet. I’m sometimes able to exit TR app and reopen to resolve, but majority of the time I have to restart the tablet to resolve. It’s been an issue for me the majority of rides the past few weeks.

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For anyone experiencing dropouts while using the TR app, please reach out to our Support Team at so that we can take a closer look into this issue.

Our team has the ability to view your log files, so we can directly identify the source of the issue quickly and easily.