HRM paired, but won't show reading

Back using TR after a hiatus of a few years. Coming to the end of week 4 Low Voume Base and in the 4 weeks I’ve had a HRM reading for less than a minute.

I’m using TR on a laptop with an ANT+ dongle, the speed and cadence sensor are both working through ANT+ fine and it’s says my HRM device is paired but it doesn’t show any reading in the workouts.

So far to get around this I’ve just been using my Garmin where HRM is reading fine. Any ideas as I know it won’t be long before I head outside and the Garmin will be dead because I haven’t been keeping an eye on battery life!

I found the same issue with a S/C sensor on BT. TR shows paired, with good signal but no readings. It took a while to figure out that it was “connected” to a different device. To fix it, I have to turn BT off on my phone in order to have the sensor connect to the tablet I use for TR.

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While not exactly the same, I too am showing that my HR monitor is paired…but it wasn’t until approximately 20 minutes into my workout this morning that it finally decided to display the data.

I use Buh-Bump HR Monitor electrode cream for “improved” connectivity…


I’m running my sensors (Wahoo Kickr, cadence sensor and HR monitor) via BlueTooth.

I’d love to be able to turn off BlueTooth on my tablet but I use that as my source of entertainment in conjunction with wireless earbuds.

I’ve noticed the same thing recently with my Tickr. I’ve found that if i get the back of it wet first then it almost immediately works. This might be why the one response shows it beginning to work 20 min in (they started to sweat and improved the contact). As for why it might work on the Garmin but not TR I don’t have a good answer.

shows it beginning to work 20 min in (they started to sweat and improved the contact).

I agree that the sweat is most likely closing the circuit, just kind of surprised the Buh-Bump isn’t doing that sooner. My Wahoo Tickr has always been kind of flaky.

Is it showing “- -“, or zero?

The former means there is no communication - it has managed to get through the pairing, but the ANT+ antenna isn’t getting a signal after that. That would be consistent with your Garmin hard unit working fine, it’s a separate receiver. The latter indicates there is transmission, but of zero data.

I suspect your ANT+ dongle is too far from you, and that while it is capable of receiving the (typically stronger) signal from the trainer, it struggles to get a clean signal from the (generally weaker, coin-cell powered) HR monitor.

It’s showing - -

The laptop is sat on a table/ unit just in front of my bike. I can reach the laptop no problem when on the bike, it’s not much further away from the HRM than Garmin is…

The speed/ cadence sensors are coin-cell powered too as I’m on a dumb trainer.

I will turn BT off (on my phone) to see if that makes a difference.

Even though I see 3 devices paired, mine too with show “–”.

My BT dongle is just off to the side, directly below the non-drivetrain side of my bottom bracket, putting it inches from my Kickr and cadence sensor and what 3 - 3 1/2 feet from my HR monitor? It isn’t always flaky but if one of my sensors is going to be chances are it will be my HR monitor.

Did you try a fresh battery in the HR monitor?

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So tried turning off the Bluetooth on my phone and put in new battery in HRM last night and still had the same - - reading.

I’ll repeat, it’s still reading on my Garmin fine. And I’m only turning on the Garmin after I’m not getting a reading through TR so it’s not like that is affecting signal.

Any other ideas?

Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I’m having this same issue. I’m connecting my Dual HRM Garmin heart strap to Trainerroad on my iPhone (iOS 14.0.1) and it’s “connecting” but only showing a “–” in the workout screen. I can connect it to my iPad on the same OS and it works fine. Very odd.

Connected but no reading is a symptom of it actually being connected to another device in my experience.

Have you found any solution to this? Have the exact same problem with the same equipement: dual hrm garmin strap connected by BT to iphone with iOS 14.1. Pretty sure I’ve turned of all other devices the strap can be connected to. The strap connects just fine to an iPad. Also connects nicely with a FR 935 on ant+ (yes, its turned off again).

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Kind of! I don’t know exactly what the problem is but deleting the TrainerRoad app and reinstalling it did the trick and it’s been fine since.

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Thanks @Rpk292 . Didn’t work for me, I’ll see if there is another way.