Headwind Fan - Bluetooth dropout issues with TR


I am experiencing issues of bluetooth drop out when using Wahoo Headwind Fan alongside my TR workouts. My ideal scenario is to link my HR to the Wahoo app and have the fan speed adjusting according to my heartrate. This seems to work probably 50% of the time. and is great when it works!The rest of the time I have to set the fan to manual as the Bluetooth drops out. I appreciate that TR will take priority for the HR signal and I am maybe asking too much to have the HR sensor transmitting to both applications at the same time but was hoping if anyone has experienced the same scenario who has found a fix?

Any help – much appreciated!

Is the wahoo app running on the same device as the TR app? If so, launch the TR app first, then the wahoo app.

I don’t know how the wahoo headwind connects (I thought it was by ANT to peripherals like HRM, but I could be wrong). But the above approach is how I designed my fan control app to work with TR. possible wahoo app works the same.

It connects via bluetooth, but I agree, my procedure is to launch TR first, ensure all is syncing, then launch he wahoo app and start the fan. TR and Wahoo have a little feud going for the HR signal sometimes.

Bluetooth is a single point to point connection so it might make sense that it would work 50% of the time and they would be fighting for control. I wouldn’t think it would ever work 100% unless someone else has experience with this device that I don’t. I would have thought Wahoo would plan for this since this seems like a very common scenario so perhaps there is another way. ANT+ is a broadcast so multiple receivers can listen to the same ANT+ device.

Hi Guys thanks for the replies.

Yup - it works from bluetooth - the Tickr HR is bluetooth.

I had been launching the Wahoo App first as TR seemed to prevent me being able to access the Headwind settings but will try doing it the other way round.

Just read their product page, the headwind can connect to your heartrate monitor via ANT+. Why are you not connecting directly to your heartrate monitor? Connecting to the app via bluetooth seems unneccessary and limits your connections.

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ANT + connection would be ideal - how is that done from the App?

You misunderstood. The headwind can connect directly to your heart rate monitor. You don’t need the app. IOS devices only support Bluetooth so for whatever reason you need the Wahoo app, you won’t be able to do both without two heart rate monitors.

However, assuming the app has ant+ support, some android models support ant+ or you can buy an ant+ dongle that connects via micro-usb. I’ve gotten trainer road to work via ANT+ on my android that way.

Thanks Russell - how would I set fan intensity levels via HR without the App though?

Follow the instructions for the HR sensor. Granted, I’m not an Headwind user, but i would assume you can switch between HR mode and Manual Mode and perhaps there is even a remote you can use when in manual mode. You would probably know that better than me.

Yep - this was my understanding also - that the HRM connects directly to the fan via ANT, I.e. the connection does not go through the wahoo app on your phone/tablet.

The wahoo app is used to initially configure the ranges/intensity levels. But once that’s done, you do not need to have the app active (I think).

The TR app will not detect your HRM if it is connected to the wahoo app first. And possibly the wahoo app will not detect your HRM if it is connected to the TR app first (?). There’s ways to program the apps to get around this limitation, but I’m not sure why they don’t do this…


I agree: you don’t need the Wahoo app, after you have set up the headwind. The fan connects automatically to your HRM when you power it on.


To echo the above, i’m using a headwind fan… You set your zones up in the app but once you’ve done that it’ll remember the settings. Since I set it up, I only close the TR app and dont have any other apps running. This keeps the bluetooth signal nice and clean. Fan works perfectly just connecting straight to the HR monitor, and TR app still receives HR signal too.

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So the fan speed adjusts accordingly once it is set? Sounds perfect- thanks!

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Just to echo the others. I set up my heart rate zones in the Wahoo app and now don’t open the Wahoo app any more.

My Headwind detects when I have my Tickr on and even automatically turns the fan on and off. A solid blue light on the Headwind means it is connected with the Tickr.

It’s pretty cool how well it works once set up.


It now works perfectly - many thanks for all the valuable input guys!