Garmin Gitters!

Recently my Garmin devices(cadence speed heart) have stopped working with the app.
They are connected but no data, at first I thought it was the new app update but looks like they are doing the same with the Wahoo app. I have replaced all the batteries and deleted the app and reinstalled it and still no data??

I had my heart rate monitor die on me. Similar issue where it stopped registering a HR and then just died. I did a warranty request and had a new one within a week or so (they were on backorder). Super fast and easy warranty return online. Cost me nothing. Didn’t even have to dig up a receipt.

But its all three devices if one failed I could understand.

Remove them from connected sensors on the device, then re-add them?

Tried that several times.
Devices work ok with Edge 1030.
Devices connected to Bluetooth but no data it’s very frustrating.

What kind of phone are you using. If it works with the 1030,but not with two separate apps (on the same device I assume) this sounds more like a mobile device issue, perhaps related to the permission (s) or battery usage of bluetooth? Do you have another mobile device with which to check?

iPhone 11 and it’s definitely a phone issue I have downloaded the desktop app and have no issues with pairing devices.
The phone was working fine before the new app was released.

send email to and ask for help.