Seeking Training Recommendations for the Barry Roubaix

I’ve signed up for my first Barry Roubaix (62 Miler) and am looking for suggestions on the proper plan to go with. I just completed a series of CX races and have taken the last 3-4 weeks and would like to jump in starting next week. Would you recommend using the plan builder to set the training or follow a specific training plan? If i choose the plan builder option and based on 3 days I’m able to train, this is what i get:

SweetSpotBase Low Vol 1 - 6 weeks
SweetSpotBase Low Vol 2 - 6 weeks
General Build -Low Vol 3 Weeks
Rolling Road Race - Low Volume 1 week
Recovery 1 Week

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Cool. You’ll enjoy it. This plan will get you through the race nicely. Of course the day can be dictated by the weather being mid-April in Michigan. I’d practice eating while training as you’ll need to eat for this race especially if it is wet and cold. Also if you can do some longer training sessions >2 hrs that will help. See you there.

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That’s my exact plan leading up to Barry - the one exception is I’m doing high volume rather than low volume. Barry Roubaix is pretty much a road race in terms of how it’s raced and in terms of the conditions. The guys in the lead group typically are running road bikes with wide tires. A 33c is typically more than sufficient (I ran a 33c file-tread Spesh Trigger during the 2017 rainy year and was perfectly fine) and you could probably even get away with less than that - depending on your skill.

Prepare for a very fast course with some punchy climbs; mostly packed gravel with some large road sections. It’s a great race that draws in huge crowds - I’ll see you there!


I recently switched over my CX gearing to a more suitable 1-1 ratio that is equivalent to a 50/34 x 11-28 (44t and 10-42) and have GK SK 38’s currently on the bike. Perhaps i should go back to 35’s for this race.