BC Bike Race Training

I signed up for BC bike race next year and I am looking for a good training plan. I did the sweet spot base low volume and I am ready for the next steps.
Im 41 and a life long Mountain Biker. I have ridden in BC many times and am comfortable with the style of trails. My real concern is fitness. I have never been in great shape. The training plans that are out there for BCBR are 12-16 hours a week. I think I will need to get by with max of 10-12.

Any suggestions would be helpful thank you.

@Jsteens do you have other races planned or would this be your A race for the season? If it’s your A race then you have a long time to put in some good training. Did you add in workouts or do only the SSB LV? If you didn’t add workouts then doing SSB MV might be a good step if you can commit that time. You likely could then do a build and come back to doing base again before dong another build and then specialty, all before the race.

Yeah this is definitely the A race. I think I will sign up for the local enduro in April for fun and a fitness guy check.

I have been getting in extra rides outside but with daylight savings coming and weather getting worse I think I will have to spend more time in the trainer. I guess I was unsure how quickly I needed to increase volume. If I do low volume again but add a day when it fits in the schedule will I still have time to ramp up volume?

Thanks for the feedback.

If you have the time to add a longer ride that would be a good addition. Trying to get an hour and a half to two hours of endurance riding in and then trying to get that up to three hours gradually if possible would be a great addition. It can be a slug to do on the trainer at first but it gets easier with time, especially if you have some form of entertainment. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I raced BCBR this year and TrainerRoad was a BIG part of my fitness training. I live in BC so, like you, I wasn’t too worried about the technical side of preparing. I did mid-volume of Sweet Spot Base, General Power Build, and XC Marathon. My fitness was absolutely on point. So much so that I felt that I got stronger each day which was reflected in that I improved my overall position each day. I’ve been a TR user for a few years and this was the first year that I did mid-volume plans (I’d previously only did low-volume) and I found it made a big different. With the low-volume plans, I found that my fitness increased, but there were always workouts towards the end of build or specialty that I just couldn’t finish. With mid-volume, I felt the work I put in made the progression of workouts more manageable. Don’t get me wrong, there were some tough workouts that I really had to push hard to get through, but I never felt that I wouldn’t finish them.

That amount of training is a big commitment that I was willing to put in because BCBR had been a big target for me for a long time. Learning the difference between how my body adapted to mid-volume compared to low-volume, this year I’m going back to low-volume, but I’m going to complete 100% of the workouts indoors while also adding a couple outdoor rides a week.

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Thank you that is just what I needed. I will bump up to mid volume at the end of November. That should be enough time with mid volume to get me where I need to be.

Does anyone want to do BC Bike race next year? My friend has to have surgery so we decided to pull out and try again another year. Both entry’s with meal plans are up for sale. Let me know if you are interested.



If ya ride a Rocky Mountain MTB you get a head start each day, HAHAHAHHAAH Just kidding… I would love to do that race but I have a few more goals to achieve before I make the drive.

Who all is signed up for 2019 BCBR?

I just signed up. Will be my second time.