Seeking Suggestions for big training block

I have 4 days in a row to train with no restrictions (as much time as possible). I plan to ride 4-5hrs each day. I also plan to ride hard at least 1 if not two days. I have considered doing some 20min tempo reps (3x20min) or some vo2 stuff (3-4x4min).
Also, I am looking for suggestions on sequencing. I have considered:
Day 1: easy
Day 2: workout
Day 3: easy
Day4: workout or easy (if too tired)

Can’t decide if I should do the first workout on day 1 or 2.
Background: I am fit and regularly ride 8-10hpw, so this will be a manageable but big block. I plan to do a recovery week afterwards.
Anyone have some thoughts to share?

I vote start day 1, leaving day 4 a wildcard day. If youre feelin it, you get 3 workout days. If not, take it easy


Would it not be easier to make a LV plan (3 workouts) and use TN on a fourth day.

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I would say if it’s almost double your usual volume do not add intensity. Volume should be enough to elicit some aerobic adaptations and you will not dig a too big hole. It’s basically training camp for you and going too big on volume and keeping the intensity can be too much. So if some itensity I would stay with tempo/sst not vo2 max.
But it’s only my opinion.


100% agree with jarrson. If you’ve been doing 8-10 hours a week, then 16-20 hours of Z2 in 4 days is plenty of training stimulus. Maybe go hard on a hill once or twice.


Thanks all. So I ended up doing z2 as suggested. On top of it, it’s been super hot too so the riding has taken more of a toll than expected. Might throw in a hard 5min effort or two tomorrow if I feel like I’ve got the legs

Can you share what you ended up doing - time and mileage?

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Yeah sure. I’ll post on Sunday.

Here is what I ended up doing:

Just went with Zone 2 riding. It ended up being a super hot week (mid 90s) so I wasnt feeling much else. Some family stuff popped up that took away time that I planned to have so I had to take Wednesday off and only ride 3hr on the other days. Put in a vo2 effort in the middle and a sprint at the end of Friday and Saturday’s ride. A bit bummed to have not hit 300mi but so be it! Thanks to all for the suggestions.


Big week! Thank you for posting. Were you pretty much riding and nothing else or did you have other work/family commitment? How much recovery do you plan on taking?

I took the week PTO and was visiting family. I have an infant so I rode first thing then basically was dad after lunch time.

I’m not exactly taking time off but doing less than normal intensity to recover. I lifted light weights on Sunday and took Monday off. I’m just riding z2 this week but throwing in 4x30sec sprints Wednesday. How hard I ride on Saturday depends on how I feel Thursday (I typically take Friday and Sunday off).