Long ride vs Intervals


I’m a food courier ( deliveroo ), on the bike, and try to spend my shifts at z2 although it’s not easy and I usally spend around 20 minutes in z3 during those 2h of riding ( low z3 though, my HR z2 ends at 157bpm and when I have to go in z3 it’s no more than 163bpm ).

Besides that I would like to do 2 interval sessions and a long ride ( I’m in base phase for now and I don’t know when I’ll be able to start racing ), but I want to take this very carefully because I learned the hard way last year that I tend to go too hard ( as most beginners do ).

I’m not sure if for now, doing the courier shifts, both interval sessions ( threshold intervals ), plus the long ride would be too much. And I think it’s important for my body to get more used to doing long rides because i’ve done way fewer long rides than interval workouts and I still have to learn the more efficient way to fuel myself.

So I’d like to have recommandations about how to handle this.

I do 4 week training blocks ( 3 weeks on, 1 week recovery ).
I was thinking of replacing the last interval workout of week 3 with the long ride. The thing is the last interval session of the block is supposed to be the harder one to create more training adapation if i’m correct.

So is it worth replacing an interval session with a long ride ?
Would also replacing the second interval session of week 2 with a longer z2 ride be worth it ?

Sorry for the messy post, I hope it was understandable.

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Sounds like you’ve got a good start to a plan. I’d say keep the two intervals sessions no matter what. Shorten them if you’d like to really go long on your long rides. If that seems to work out for you fatigue wise, you can make the intervals longer on the next go around. Don’t forget to slowly add volume and intensity as you go or else you will eventually plateau. Start easier than you think.


Ok I think I’ll keep the two interval sessions then.
I forgot to mention that my deliveroo shifts make me already ride 8h a week ( I ride less to be able to train more ), so I already do shorter interval sessions than what I’m able to able do ( and I’m still pretty tired with around 350 to 450 tss a week ).

Following your suggestion, I may just keep the intervals for an indefinite number of blocks and when I feel like I’m able to add a long ride, shorten the intervals’ duration.

I feel like it may take a good number of blocks, and I have to say it bothers me a bit to not having any long ride to do though :grin:

Don’t forget a plan does not need to be set in stone and should build in progression. So start gently to check your body is managing the load. So you might start with one interval session and then a few weeks in add in the second one.


I actually love adapting my training plan to what I need and what I can do using what I learn :blush:
That’s why I love the Train Now feature and can’t wait to try out the adaptive training feature!

Yeah, 1 interval session could be a solution too, at least for week 1 and 2.
Can’t wait to finish this training block and see what adjustments I’ll have to do.