Workout recommendation

Hi all,

Looking for a suggestion on what workout would fit best.

I’m currently doing low volume completing two one hour workouts during the week and replace my 1hr30 weekend ride with a longer outdoor ride.

I usually complete my turbo workouts on Monday and Wednesday but I was busy this Wednesday so did a Vo2 Monday and sweet spot Tuesday. I was planning on doing some z2 as have an hour and a half free today.

I’m feeling pretty fresh today and thinking it might be too short a time in z2 and not the most productive use of my time. Any suggestions on what would be best workout to do?

Prob worth adding I will be doing 3-4 hour spin on Saturday.

An hour and a half in Z2 is plenty productive.


I agree with JoeX, if you are doing 3-4 hours a week 90 mins of Z2 will almost certainly give you an adaptation stimulus, unless you have just dropped your volume down and are already very fit.

Having said that you shouldn’t have any problems with under-recovery so if you want to feel like you have maximised use of the time put the trainer in standard mode so you have control and then ease the power up a little towards tempo if you are feeling good. RPE is your friend here, to quote someone else on the forum. I often do the same sort of thing and use my heart rate as a regulator. If you get it wrong you still have 48 hours recovery time.


Thanks very much for the responses, I’ll stick to my original plan. I’m probably just overthinking it.


Pretty reasonable suggestion. Agree here.


Have you implemented your new plan?

I was training consistently (bar missing a couple of weeks due to sickness) on low volume from November 21 to April 2022 while the weather was not great. I was working towards a cycling trip in Mallorca. Low volume seems best option for me. I tend to become tired and grumpy when I do much more for a prolonged period.

FTP was 256 in November and raised to 280 in April for trip to Mallorca. I managed to cycle 5 days straight accumulating 515km and over 6,000 metres climbing.

Have been riding mostly outdoors since using train now or just picking something from productive workout options. FTP currently 285


As for me, low volume but constant and regular is better then some unsteady overloads. So I feel you