Thanksgiving camp

Hi All,
I’m trying to put together a little training camp for Thanksgiving. So rather than sitting on the couch eating and drinking beer for 4 days I’m planning to ride all 4 days. What I need help with is figuring out what workouts to do. I have two of the days set, just need to fill the other two.

Day 1: WTRL TTT on Zwift (45 - 60 min), followed by 30 min tempo
Day 2: Empty
Day 3: Long tempo team ride on Zwift 2-3hrs
Day 4: Empty

Any help greatly appreciated,

How much time do you have available?

I would probably recommend riding as much as possible at endurance pace. Especially if you are normally time constrained then taking the opportunity to just get in a lot of volume could be good. Just don’t go overboard and spend the next 2 weeks recovering.

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First off, this. Don’t ruin your next month of training, just because you have 4 days of more time than usual. Recognize any “camp” will require additional mount of recovery over what you usually take.

I’m not a Zwift user, so I don’t know what “WTRL TTT” is, but I’m going to assume that’s a team time trail by the TTT acronym. I’ll also assume it’s a relatively hard effort, especially with the additional tempo stacked on top after the time trail.

I’m also assuming you’re doing mostly base training at this point, given you have two tempo rides, and didn’t mention threshold or V02 workouts.

With those two assumptions, I see two options, and they depend on your current fitness and what you have planned for next week:

Option 1- if you’re fitness right now allows you to stack 3 moderate to hard days on top of each other, you could do a sort of block periodization:

Day 1 - TTT + tempo
Day 2 - 60-120mins endurance ride (65% FTP) with some tempo or even sweet spot (70-90% FTP) efforts.
Day 3- Team ride
Day 4 - Longer & Slower - 2-3 hrs Z2 (60% FTP).

This kind of mini-block periodization would require adequate recovery. So next Monday, Tuesday, and even maybe Wednesday would have to be fairly easy/recovery. If you have team rides or other workouts you want to hit on those days, this isn’t a good approach.

2- if you have key workouts early next week, or don’t want to do 3 hard days + a long day in a row, I’d fill in day 2 and day 4 with as much time at 60-65% FTP as you can, and as much as your body allows without sacrificing your team workouts or subsequent week’s workouts.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for this, option 1 seems reasonable. I’m not on a plan at the moment, just riding 2-3 days a week. With my only hard organized ride being the team time trial on Thursdays. I’m just looking for a good weekend of training and I have plenty time to recover till Thursday so this will work well. Thanks again, Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!