Rides/plans in Legacy App

My trainer is older (Cycleops Powerbeam Pro Ant+) and only works with the Legacy App on my pc. However, I’ve noticed some workouts are missing from that app, including the ramp test for establishing FTP. Is there a chance that the Legacy App can include all the same rides that I see on the iOS app?:grin:

Hey @araychel,

Unfortunately, the nature of the Legacy App is that it is archived and will no longer receive updates :pensive:. All of our Development efforts will now be focused on improving the latest version of the app.

So sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

so then if one has to run the legacy app then they do not get the full TR ecosystem and training plans?

You still have full access to the TR plans, calendar and such via the web, new PC/Mac and/or mobile (that will be updated to mimic the PC/Mac in the future). You just won’t have direct integration of the plans via the legacy app. I haven’t tried, but I suspect that forces you to search and run the workouts manually, as opposed to finding them on the calendar. But I don’t know exactly what you will see or have access to on the older version, assuming you setup and apply a plan via the methods above.

As of now, we have two legacy plans for the Desktop versions of the app that are useful for certain user setups.

TrainerRoad Air: This is the oldest version of TrainerRoad, built on the Adobe Air codebase.
It is useful for:

  • Cycleops Powerbeam Pro connectivity
  • Cycleops 400 connectivity

This version does not have the ability to “follow” a plan, but you can look up the workouts individually, and carry out all your planning from the website.

TrainerRoad Legacy: This version was added a few months ago when we made the leap to the latest React codebase.
It is useful for:

  • Those who use video integration features
  • Computrainer conectivity

This version does not have the ability to edit your Calendar, but it will display your upcoming workouts as set up in your Calendar on the website.

I hope this clears things up!

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To get back to the original post, there is no ramp test in the Trainer Road Legacy. Is there an alternative? how do we start any plan given that all of them start with a ramp test?

Most of the plans started with the 8 minute test. There were some that started with a 20.

You can simply swap to the 1x20’ or 2x8’ test and do it manually. You will still be prompted to update your FTP at the completion of these tests, and that will be applied to your Career in TR, so all will work fine.

The ramp is totally optional, even if it is the preferred option.

Yeah. i’ll do that. I tried building a ramp test using the ride builder. it worked. was a legit ramp test. but it doesn’t compute FTP, so it was just a 20 minute sufferfest for nothing.

If it was a proper build ramp test, take 75% of the best 1 min power and you have the FTP value that TR would give you.

Must have done it right then! I did the math and it matched my 20 min FTP. Thanks for the math.