Legacy Software does the Job

Just used the “Legacy” Windows application as suggested by TR support due an issue with Win10 and the current version. And guess what It worked faultlessly and did all that I need to complete the workout. I know TR have have been adding new features for various reasons lately, but 2 things spring to mind “Keep it simple” and “don’t fix it if it ain’t broken in the first place”. I’ve been using TR since the early days and its functionality has always been my priority over new fancy features, so I hope TR don’t stray too far from their original concept with all the new features in the pipeline. This is not a criticism of TR, far from it, as TR in my opinion do a great job. It’s more the person I am and I like the old as well as the new, after all my “best bike” is a 25 year old Litespeed and my mobile phone still has buttons on it too. I might just keep using the Legacy Software for training and if I want to use any of the new calendar features I can go online to plan my training.


Love it! Ideally, the new versions would be seamless across all platforms, but the Legacy app isn’t going anywhere. Don’t worry! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is there an available link?

We definitely encourage athletes to download the latest version of the app (or to contact support if you are having trouble with one of the latest versions) but the download links are here for both windows and mac. :+1:

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You forgot to add, “now get off my lawn!” at the end. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: Just kidding! I’m a long time TR user and the simplicity of things is what hooked me from the start as well (well, that and seeing the results from such simplicity :grin:). I do really like the Calendar feature (except for the continued lack of run/swim integration, but I can add them manually at least, and it could use other improvements to make it even better), but haven’t had any use for outdoor workouts, group workouts, plan builder, etc. NOT that those aren’t great features for others, they just don’t do anything for me. :wink:


I might have to try this, had no idea it was available. I usually use my phone for TR but once in a while have to use my laptop and when I haven’t opened the current app for a month or so it seems to take an age to get running just to be able to load a workout.

I think that’s due to all the syncing it does for the workouts/calendar updates–I’ve found the same thing just from logging all my non - TR workouts in the calendar manually that it takes the app on my laptop awhile to behave properly when I do fire it up (only really a problem in the summer and/or Covid when I haven’t been using TR very often).

Just a quick opposing view. I love the new features and improvements. It makes me feel like TR as a company is moving forward and doing something with my subscription.

I’ll give Strava as an example - didn’t do much for the last 6 years and the community in the end mostly turned against them, if there was a viable alternative, people would have jumped ship and the product would long be dead by now. The forums were full of thousands of feature/bug-fix requests that were ignored for years despite hundreds of requests in each.

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TR like any application loses customers every if only due to customers no longer participating in performance cycling. They need to attract new customers and what was once a new feature could transform into a standard feature on TR and on competing products. It’s like bike racing if you aren’t passing others you are getting dropped.