Reverse engineering Full Distance Triathon Planning

I’m coming off a year of 4x 70.3 HIMs, and just completed back-to-back 70.3 HIMs (New Orleans on 10.21.18 and Waco on 10.28.18). I’m giving myself a full week off to heal up before going at it again (although I’m already getting fidgety) and need to get my 2019 training set. My A-Race is IM Texas (Full Distance) on 04.27.19 with a shake out race of HIM Texas on 04.07.19.

I have, basically, 25 weeks to get my training done, however completing a 3 phases is a 28 week cycle, and I’m trying to figure out the best plan. Since I’ve been training consistently already, I’m thinking that I’d have the best success by cutting the earlier sessions, and keeping the full plan for the Build and Specialty phases. I plan on doing the Mid Volume Full Distance Triathlon Build Phase and the Mid Volume Full Distance Specialty Phase (I’m open to changing to a lower/higher volume based on how I respond - I did IM Louisville in Oct 2017 and my 6 week average TSS leading up to it was 600-750 so I may be underestimating myself).

25 weeks to my A-Race, minus the 16 weeks for those 2 plans leaves me 9 weeks, so I need to cut about 25% of the Base Training, but I’m unsure if it is better to do the Full Distance Triathlon Base or will I set myself up better by doing the Sweet Spot Mid Volume plan?

Also, for either plan, which weeks would be better to cut? Sweet Spot seems to have no recovery weeks until the 6th and 12th, while FDT Base has recovery weeks every 4th.

TIA for any advice/direction.

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