Return to structured training after long(ish) pause

So I’ve started with TrainerRoad last September and done 40 weeks of more or less consistent training using Plan Builder. This summer I’ve stopped with structure and took 6 weeks of joy riding just for fun (not that sweating with Chad on a trainer is no fun :wink:), followed by another 6 weeks of no riding at all.

I plan to go back for another 40-42 week period of consistent training this September and do it all over.

What do you do after such long(ish) pause? Go straight to the Ramp Test, or do a couple of workouts before it just to get familiar again? If so, what workouts and how much?

This - go right into the Ramp Test. I m no expert by any means, but there is no sense in “training to train” and Coach Chad has mentioned this on the podcast a few times that I remember. Just do your ramp test and start on your plan.

I would just get on the bike regularly and pedal easy for at least a couple of weeks. Get a 200-300 miles of aerobic riding under your belt then do your ramp and get going.

I’m in a similar position. My plan is a week of endurance paced rides x 4 (copying what would have been a recovery week previously) followed by a week of Mont Albert (or similar) x 4 then a week of Clingman’s x 4. After that, I’ll hopefully feel ready for a ramp test and SSB MV 1.

This is similar to how I’ve returned from illness breaks previously.

Edited to add: the pain and suffering of a ramp test is enough to put me off starting up again, so an educated guess at FTP is good enough for me, and at least it gets me back onto the bike, and into the routine of training again.