Ramp Test strategy after 11 days off before starting Short Power Build

Hi Everybody

I’ve had 11 days off for medical reasons after completing SSB2LV. I am going back on the trainer this evening. Do I jump straight into the ramp test for short power build (LV) or do I repeat some fun stuff like Leconte, Lamarck or Mary Austin to get into the groove again? I feel my legs have softened a bit, but not sure how this actually affects power output.

Thoughts would be appreciated and apologies if this has been covered already. I only found forum discussions about when workouts have been missed, which doesn’t apply here because I am between plans.


My usual strategy for ramping back in

7 days fully off the bike:

  • Day 1: just easy spin however I feel
  • Day 2: aerobic ride like Baxter
  • Day 3: Opener ride like Truuli
  • Day 4: Pick back up with training

For 11 days, I’d recommend:

  • Day 1: just easy spin
  • Day 2: Aerobic ride
  • Day 3: Geigar
  • Day 4: Sleeping Beauty
  • Day 5: Truuli
  • Day 6: Ramp Test

Logic: I tend to be really flat after 7-10 days and I like to hit all of the major energy systems with a little bit of stimulus before a test


Totally agree with @stevemz. That makes total sense to get back in groove before ramp and just generally before starting build plan anyway. Otherwise first 2 weeks of plan will be hell

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@stevemz, this sounds good. Now if I wanted to compress the pre-ramp test process can I drop the easy spin and do Baxter as aerobic ride?

I would just do some openers the day before & then let that ramp test rip. What you’ve got is what you’ve got. Don’t overcomplicate it.


Yup, if you want to compress just Baxter + Truuli and give it a go.

My transitions above are usually for coming out of mid-season break (3-5 days completely off bike) and off season break (7-10 totally off)

I guess I am impatient. Despite planning to follow the advice I went straight for Lamarck which I understand approximates FTP based on average power of each interval. On this basis my FTP increased and I still had some fight in me at the end. I guess I might as well go for the ramp test…or

Do I do Truuli first to cover the VO2 max side of things?

Your call. If you felt fine on Lamarck you are probably fine to give the Ramp a go

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Takes me a few days to get back in the groove. As mentioned above, I’ll do a combination of openers, sweet spot, and recovery rides to get back to where I need to be. Also there’s nothing wrong in doing a ramp test then repeating it a few days later.

So I went for the Ramp Test after using only Lamarck the day before to get the back into the groove. Managed to increase my FTP again, so I’m happy. This is my first run through the Base>Build>Specialty plans. I’ve done three ramp tests and ramp test #2 and ramp test #3 both resulted in exactly a 6.18% increase over the previous ramp test. It seems to be a magic number.

Thank you TR. This is really working for me.