Restaurant Food Choice for Endurance Event

Hi guys, this should be a fun one. A good problem to have is that my dad’s 70th birthday dinner at a local restaurant is Friday. Happy to be a part of that. I have a 6 hour mountain bike race on Saturday. I am definitely looking to order a dish that will not negatively impact my race and I don’t really care what it is, just the one that is the best choice of carbs, low fiber, etc and from the menu, I don’t see a lot of good choices.

Here is the menu. I would like folks to take a look at the dinner menu and tell me what they would choose. I’m kind of leaning towards the Coastal Carolina Stew because of it’s a light protein and grits, but not sure if broth is a good choice or not. Also looked at the Risotto, but not sure if it’s made with brown or white rice. And then the Salmon, but there doesn’t seem to be a ton of carbs in that dish, so interested in the negatives of that one. Sadly, no pasta dishes on the menu, so tell me what you would order.

Summer Harvest followed by the Halibut, pls

I’d personally get the salmon. It comes with potatoes. Also get a side of risotto maybe, but then also get the parmesan truffle fries.


This is the correct answer, 100% what I would get/recommend

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Why not order what you would normally order and enjoy a nice dinner for a special occasion?


I’m a little less worried about performing better or worse, but I am absolutely concerned about feeling better or worse. There are few things more uncomfortable than suffering with digestive issues during a long endurance event.


Large burger and fries

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Then just enjoy the evening, eat what you like and stop eating when you are full.


This place is a culinary gem so there isn’t an unenjoyable thing on the menu. It’s all good.

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This is tough. I always avoid eating out before a big event just for the reasons you cite. I find the next morning my digestive track is impacted and I spend more time in the restroom. Even when I order carefully I don’t know all the ingredients or prep methods. So I always fix dinner in on event-eve. When I don’t have access to a kitchen I take a pre-prepared meal. However given your special occasion you can’t do that. I would lean toward the fish I think as easier to digest. Maybe the pork. I didn’t see any chicken… I would also ask about ingredients when you order and don’t be afraid to ask for an ingredient to be omitted or for the prep method to be altered. Most restaurants are happy to oblige.

These things aren’t exclusive. You can make a good choice for the race and still like what you eat and enjoy your evening…

If he makes a good choice for food does this somehow make his evening less enjoyable?

My move would probably be the risotto- unless otherwise specified it’s likely to be Arborio (white) rice, and typically a pretty simple ingredients list. Mushrooms are lower fiber than most vegetables, and IME unless it’s the kind of place that dumps a ton of cheese and cream in everything it’s usually less dairy-heavy than other options. Seafood stew looks decent too, but sometimes grits can have a ton of fat added and if you’re ordering a stew it’s likely that the carbs are going to be more of a side thing rather than the main focus of the meal.

Ultimately nothing is going to be 100% perfect though, so as long as you’re being relatively sensible and avoiding things you know don’t sit well I wouldn’t overthink it. You could also eat a smaller portion and supplement with other stuff throughout the day/evening if you want to play it really safe :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks like a great place :drooling_face:
Appetizers I’d pick before an event are charred beets or the summer harvest salad.
Entrees that I would pick are faroe island salmon, pork belly panzanella or the halibut. I would even say pick one of the meat options with a side but I don’t do well with fried food. The brussels could be a good accompaniment but don’t have many carbs.
All the desserts look divine but I’d not choose the creme brûlée or 3 scoops. There’s always room for dessert and being in a little surplus the night before has usually helped me. The best looking one I see right now that I’d pick is the blueberry violet pavlova.
Pavlova is a meringue for the most part paired with a fresh blueberry sherbet, not too heavy and get a little sweetness to finish the meal.

This is more about taste and your normal diet than anything else - but still a fun exercise

I eat very high fiber always, so have no concerns about that portion, as such I’d order

Summer Harvest
Pork Belly
Brussel sprouts

3 beers and a hot chicken sandwich

Caveat: not a dietician


Broth is an excellent choice. High salt = hydrating. Just have more salt + water in the morning, and you’re good to go.

Side of black beans and broccoli, too. Maybe a coffee to increase that pre-race alertness as you go to bed.

Edited to add:
I should probably clarify that this post is sarcasm aimed at humor. My post a minute earlier, in response to @russell.r.sage, was genuine and intended to be helpful.

I shouldn’t assume people have enough nutrition education to discern this! It’s sometimes complicated!

FYI to all: fiber and caffeine are probably not the best the night before a big race. :slight_smile:


It’s hiding under a mysterious name - truffled poulet rouge.

I’d probably go for the risotto if they would add a protein.

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Why no love for the dessert menu? I see plenty of carbs there!


Risotto for the carbs. Halibut or salmon should be easy to digest too. Avoid red meat (should always avoid red meat in the evening for a good sleep) and all the fried stuff. I would check if the potatoes coming with the fish are fried. And don’t finish the bottle of wine by yourself :rofl: