Pre Race Meal - Restaurant UK

I’ve my first 70.3 in a couple weeks (Outlaw Nottingham)

And just wondering for ideas for a pre race meal that I could enjoy with the family at a restaurant the night before.

Don’t fancy sitting in a corner of a hotel room with 5 bags of microwave rice.

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I’d say go for an Italian (any standard chain restaurant) and have a reasonably plain pasta dish or basic pizza (with more emphasis on the carb base rather than the toppings/sauces)?

Any local or family run restaurant may even be able to adapt a menu item to make something that you think is suitable pre-race if you ask nicely…


excellent shout, cheers!

Yeah I was going to say a good Indian curry with lots of white rice and bread, or an italian and huge bowl of pasta.

Just be warned that most restaurants will pump a load of salt into their food so you’ll need to drink a load of water with it.

I was thinking that if you find a curry house and have something like a tandoori (which doesn’t have huge amounts of cream and sauce), rice and naan that should be a pretty solid carby meal for pre-race.

Thai food. Chicken red curry with steamed rice. Pad thai. Not either/or. Both.

Oh, and steal from your family members’ dishes and plates. Tell them your need is greater than theirs.


A classic Wetherspoons burger and chips took me to the overall AG win at 70.3 Swansea :yum:


Wherever is in the Michelin guide locally.

Curry. Have extra rice/bread.

I like pizza, but the most restaurant pizza has way too much cheese for me for a pre-race meal.

rate that.

I always go for the good old pasta night pre-race :spaghetti:

Can’t go wrong with it!! It shouldn’t upset your stomach and is a great carbohydrate source.

Remember that carb loading should start a few days prior to race day and good hydration at least a week prior. Drinking tons of water the night before won’t really make a huge difference, the trick is to build into it.

Also, hydration and nutrition during the race is key! It may be worth to start experimenting with your nutrition during training.

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I’d have pasta too, but I’ve never been to a restaurant in th UK that serves athlete-sized portions of pasta. It’s rare to find pasta at all!


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Eat what you want, maximum one small beer on the alcohol front imo

I avoid anything bizarre or spicy, minimise the chance of any kind of stomach upset. And skip the salad.

I got free desert in an Italian restaurant by IMUK in ‘17 as the only one not demanding plain pasta, plain chicken and spring water. So an opportunity to give restaurant staff a break too :wink:

Love it

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Whatever you like. Surely you don’t need to ask?

I went to Dolce restaurant before i did the full in 2021. It was pretty good and low key.

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You might think so, but Ironman is scary. Your first even more so.

In time you come to realise your capabilities but I think it’s something you only learn through experiencing it.

Ah but the other golden rule, don’t do anything out the ordinary in the days before an event. Have something that you know you like and is safe for your stomach, and gets some carbs in.