Fueling in between laps of an 8hr 2-man race

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loving trainer road and the wealth of information that is here in the forum and the site. I am doing the 8hr 2-man Golden24 next weekend and am looking for some recommendations on what to eat during my 1hr downtime. I will be fueling on the bike with sugarH2O composed of 50-60g of Dextrose with 30-40g of table sugar and a pinch of sea salt. Considering to bring just a bottle of water to rinse. Probably not…

Last year I just ate whatever, only had water with a Nuune tab on the course and ate candy and drank coke during the rest period when my partner went out for his lap. Lets just say I we didnt fare so well on the latter laps. How should I approach my feeding in between laps? Other than something like a white bread P&J sandwich or some pancakes I actually have not given this a serious thought, yet.

Any recommendations or personal experiences on how to feed properly without feeling like a stuffed pig or getting the blood sugar crash as I am heading out would be highly appreciated.


Sounds like you want something savory without adding any heaviness. White rice is the answer IMO.

Can salt it a bit as desired. Can add more flavor with a bit of soy sauce, pesto, etc. Doesn’t have to be the ‘right’ thing to go with rice as long as it gives you the flavor you’re looking for and doesn’t add loads of fat or other hard to digest stuff. Don’t pre-mix though if you’re not 100% certain of the flavors. Big box of cooked white rice and just scoop some into a bowl and add whatever seems most appetizing in the moment.

@Jonathan usually puts some scrambled eggs in his I think?

@Nate_Pearson just eats mountains of kids sugary cereal, but I think that would make me just as ill as the candy.

I really like having something like a Clif bar in there every once in a while too. Much more substantial than your basic ride food, and even though its not savory it’s significantly less sweet and I find much easier to digest than something like gummy candy or chocolate bars (presumably due to lower fat content and the absence of gelatin or something?)

I love pb and banana bagels. Filling, good mix of carbs, fat and sugars, plus they also sit nicely in my stomach.

Depending on length of break I’d eat Half’s until happy. Then easier to digest/eat stuff on the bike. Currently I’m loving Luchos Boccadillos, wierd guava blocks that are more solid than gel but softer than chews.

Thanks for the input I received. The race went awesome for me and this is how I fueled: 90g sugar water and 1 Noone tablet per lap and consumed on course. If I didn’t finish the bottle during my lap, I downed it after tagging my partner in the pit area. In between laps I had 1 can of coke, a ham and tomato sandwich, 1 bottle of water and then a bunch of gummy candy 10 min before my next lap. My lap times stayed within 2 minutes of each other over 3 laps and I felt strong the whole time. No muscle cramps and there was no bonking, strong the whole way. My partner on the other hand had a tough race and we ran out of time to do lap 7. had he come in 6-7 min earlier I would have went out. For reference, the course was approx 14.83 km`ish with 450m of climbing per lap and I did the LeMans start into the first lap. Run was approx. 1.5km.


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