Rest Week to Replace SSB II Week 6 (Recovery Week)

Hello. This week I am set to take my candidacy exams for graduate studies. As such, I am focused on studying as much as possible and neglecting everything else to its detriment, (save for monitoring the TR forum :rofl:). Fortunately, this week happens to coincide with the end of SSB II, where the focus is recovery.

I do not plan to do any workouts until Saturday, when my mind can rest. The past month has been psychologically taxing. My question is, can I skip the workouts this week and then begin Build phase next week, when my life stress have been quenched, or should I move the plan forward one week and proceed with recovery next week?

Thoughts and experiences welcome.

I’m in the same position. Failed my 1st workout of week 5 (last week) and felt fatigued all week so skipped the other workouts. Decided I would make that week my recovery week and start build phase this week. I’ll be ramp testing tonight so we’ll find out if that was the right decision!

Seems to make more sense to me than having 2 easy weeks.


I would do an easy ride Saturday and/or Sunday as mentioned, just so that your upcoming ramp test isn’t the first time you’ve been on the bike in a week. If you’re feeling really beaten down after the weekend, consider doing the recovery week – otherwise, go forward. Just my two cents.

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Of course you can. Now, stop procrastinating, get off of the forum, and prep for your exams :wink:


Best advice.