Rest and Recovery week?


My final week of SSB2 mid-volume starts this forthcoming Tuesday. Is it customary to begin another block (I plan on doing 1 more block of SSB2 before starting build) right after finishing the week?

In other words, do I go right into a ramp test or is it normal to take a rest/recovery week after the final week of a base block?

Thanks for help and or clarification.

The last week of a 6-week Base block is a recovery week.

In Build and Specialty (the 8-week ones I’ve looked at), a rest week comes every 4. (Last week of Specialty is taper rather than rest.)

It is normal to start a new block right after the previous, since a rest week is built in.

You can see the rest weeks: they’re a week of all low-intensity non-interval rides.

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Awesome. Thanks for the reply.

Will it be detrimental to substitute the recovery week with a rest week? That is, instead of the planned recovery week, I’d like to take an even easier week, maybe doing just half of the planned easy rides.

I extended the build phase to 10 weeks and figured I could use the extra rest. My concern is losing gains rather than getting stronger if I do a total (almost) rest week. Thanks!

You start losing aerobic fitness after a week off. So if that’s your concern, I wouldn’t take an entire week. Maybe take a couple of total rest days at the start then hit the end of week workouts, particularly the longer ones. Either that or dial back the rides all week (shorter). I’d opt for a few off days and a couple of the late week rides.

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Thanks @kurt.braeckel! Gonna do that :slight_smile: