Recovery before time off?

I have my final A race on the 4th of Nov. I will be out of town the 25th-29th of October and will have no time to do any workouts. I have been on an adaptive plan all year and it is now having me do recovery workouts this upcoming week, then one threshold workout before I’m off on the 25th. This doesn’t seem like the right approach. It also has me doing multiple workouts the week of the race but has them only 30mins in length.

It’s not right. Don’t be afraid to change workouts and scheduling to fit your needs. The TR program and AI can only do so much, you are your own coach.

I would continue your training up until your time off and use that as your recovery. This assumes you will actually be able to recover. If your race week looks a little light use alternates for a longer workouts. For tapers, ideally you keep intensity and reduce volume about 50-60% of your typical week (if you normally train 10 hours, reduce to 5-6 hours). This should keep you fresher but still primed to do hard work.

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Hello @aarono :slight_smile:

I took a look at your training plan, and all is well. These are not recovery workouts, but rather a taper leading up to your A Event, Iceman Cometh.

“A” races can have up to two two-week tapers leading up to them, allowing for a reduction in Training Stress, hence the 30 mins length but still maintaining interval training, and an increase in Freshness, all while maintaining Fitness to create this elusive “Peak”. You’ve put in all the work already, so now it’s all about staying fresh!

Note: Recovery Weeks will only schedule you Endurance workouts like the last week in your training plan.

Good luck on November 4th!!! :bike: