New to trainerRoad, New plan, New FTP, need advice!

Hi everyone!

I’m coming from zwift and about to start my training with TrainerRoad tomorrow. I’ve down a ramp test today.

Here is my background and question.

8 weeks ago, I’ve decided that the Gravel Grinder plan looks like a decent sweet spot based plan that could help me build a base. So, started the plan with a ramp test : 225W

2 weeks ago I’ve finished some workouts interval at 110% and feeling tired, looking forward to recovery but also great overall.

This week was a recovery week, I did low intensity and reduced volume, and short threshold work on Wednesday.

Yesterday, completely off.

That gets me today, did the ramp test on TR , 208W .

Now I’m confused. Last week crushing the workout at 110% 225 FTP, then this week very flat ramp test results? My heart rate didn’t ramp up near my max either, which it did last ramp test. I do feel my legs a bit heavy.

What would be my best approach to the base1? Use my new lower FTP and see how it goes? Or the opposite, old FTP and adjust ?

I greatly appreciate any advice ! Thank you!!

edit: kickr core trainer, calibrated before each ramp test


I can’t speak to the questions you asked, but the 110% stuck out to me. I thought the zones for base 1 & 2 are deliberate for specific adaptations? Bumping up 10% sounds like you could possibly be kicking yourself out of the block goals.

As for why it’s so far off, have you been paying attention to the different factors going into the test? Same environment for both, fans and cooling and music? Nutrition leading up the the tests the same? Same schedule going in? Like mid rest day vs one was done after an arduous day of work

thanks for your input!

Yes, I’m always trying to have the same routine! Except, last time I did an opener the day before instead of a rest day… you might have a valid point there!

For the 110%, I usually don’t do that it was only for 1 or 2 last intervals in a block of 6. I was also referring to zwift gravel grinder workouts. Haven’t started training in TR yet.

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What are you using to measure power? A power meter, smart trainer, ???

Besides the obvious that you cooked yourself, and just need more recovery time. The other possible answer is your power measurement is wonky / not reliable.

im using a kickr core. No other power meter to validate the accuracy. I usually do a spindown after 1+hour of riding. Today with 10 minutes of easy spin before.

Thing is I don’t feel cooked at all. Far from it. I’m always dropping the training stress and volume in winter’s month. I’ve been doing way less while doing this plan (gravel grinder) than what I’m used to. Maybe it’s even the reason why my FTP dropped…

Anyhow, I think I’ll start training with my new FTP and see how it feels, adjust accordingly and re-test on week 5! Thank you!

What workouts were you finishing (sometimes at 110%)? If they had an IF of say 0.85+ your original higher FTP than the new lower one will be a closer estimate for where you should be training. Whilst the ramp test is good for most people it can read high or low for others. You might consider doing the likes of a 20mins test in future, if you think its reading to low.

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I don’t know about the IF as this was a zwift workouts. I’ll also add that in the 8 weeks of workouts, I completed all workouts successfully at higher FTP.

You are right about the 20 minutes! Normally, I have something to compare because I was doing some racing on zwift and trying my best 20mins. This year I havent done any race… But would definetely take a look at the other testing procedure to validate! thanks!

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Take your Normalized Power (NP) for the ride and divide it by your FTP - should give you the IF for the ride…

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thank you didn’t know that! While looking for my NP I found out that strava has the intensity value!

I’m always reticent about posting online, but these learning opportunities are worth it!

So, answering the IF question : the two workouts I bump up some intervals were 76 and 77… that probably explain why I could raise up the intensity.