Rescheduling workouts within a week

I’m looking to swap my Saturday workout ( 1.5 to 2hr) to a day earlier in the week over the winter to accommodate Saturday shifts. I can’t see me working a ten hour shift followed by a 1.5 to 2 hr workout with a high degree of compliance.

As an example will mean doing a higher TSS workout for threshold followed by a lower threshold tss later in the same week.

So my question is, does this impact my adaptation or is the overall weekly stress the main consideration?

I am starting MVSSB and while the first four weeks looks fine with SS easily moved however base 2 is more of a challenge as there are two weekly threshold workouts with a fairly high overall TSS which is making me look for alternatives as I need the solution to be sustainable. My other view is to drop down to low volume and supplement the plan with a number of zone 2 rides.

Generally speaking, you can do the sort the workout order to anything that fits your schedule, and assuming you are able to complete them as intended. There is no magic to the order, or TR wouldn’t allow us to swap it during the Plan Builder process.


I think there is a thought behind it. I recall at being mentioned in the podcast at some point. But it won’t nullify your training.

That being said. I do switch the order and days around during winter to fit in with work and other training. Anything to make it easier to stick to the plan!

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I’d prob try to keep a days recovery/zone 2 between the hard workouts, if you can. You could move your rest day to accommodate the rescheduling, if you needed to.

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I’m interested to hear if there is an official response here because I move workouts around all the time. I’m also a shift worker but will also often change the work out depending on the weather. I find it much easier to do longer intervals outside so if the weather is miserable I’ll do my VO2max workout instead of my sweet spot one


I know I’ve see it via TR reps, but am failing to find it via search today.

Perhaps we can get @IvyAudrain or @SarahLaverty to check and report on this question.


@mcneese.chad Great idea; thanks. I wonder if we can identify all the related questions to give us the beginnings of an article/resource page on adjusting plans with AT. I’ve seen individual questions on moving workouts, whether to delete skipped workouts or not (and I think different responses from TR on that?), add/delete vs moving, how/when to use annotations for travel/injury vs changing workouts manually, a whole gamut of things…

Of course, if I could just follow the PB-developed plan as it is that would be great, but you know, life…

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In short, overall weekly stress is only one portion of what Adaptive Training considers when moving you forward.
Quick reminder that you can apply a bulk change the weekly order of your workouts just from the calendar view. Select the phase you’re currently in, (Build), then drag and drop the arrangement of workout days and save to apply the change to the remainder of that phase. Much easier than re-building in Plan Builder!

This is a great idea! You can supplement a Low Volume plan with TrainNow workouts the day after your tough work shifts, where sometimes you’ll only be up for a shorter endurance workout, or you may be feeling up for something more challenging. This way you’ll get to adjust by how you feel, and Adaptive Training will take all of those TrainNow workouts into consideration within your plan as well!

Let me know if you have more specific questions or need a hand rearranging, we’re here to help.