Moving Workouts on Calendar and Adaptation

I am currently on the LV SS Base plan with workouts scheduled for Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Occasionally, because of work or whatever, I might do a workout a day earlier or later than planned. When I do this I have been leaving the original workout (that I didn’t do) on the calendar. For example, if I do Tuesdays workout on Monday (by loading the exact same workout on Monday) then Tuesday will show as being skipped. I have seen that AT will then do a plan adaptation that lowers my progression levels for the type of workout (SS or Threshold) that I did on Monday and not on Tuesday. Even though I actually completed the exact same workouts as were scheduled. Should I be deleting the skipped workouts? @IvyAudrain any advice?

It would be best if you actually move the planned workout to the actual day you do the work vs leaving them on the default day. This will automatically create the desired association between the planned and completed workout, which will remedy the issue you describe.


Exactly, drag and drop the workouts however you like within that week and you’ll get the credit for doing it.


@djwalker1260 great answers above already!

Adding: Don’t miss the point @Stevie_Dee made; within that week. TR works on a Mon - Sun calendar, and gauges your total weekly TSS that way.

Not only that, but if you’re on LV, you want to avoid suddenly creating back to back WOs. IE if you’re doing Tue, Thu, Sat, don’t bump your Sat to Mon if you have a busy weekend, then you’ll have B2B Mon & Tue.

On LV, especially when starting out and learning your recovery capacity, getting a feel for levels, etc, it’s better to delete a WO and get some extra rest than to B2B.

[Not such a big deal in recovery week / lower intensity work, but if you’ve been working hard, and feeling tired / sore legs, take the rest day. Ask me how I know!!! :face_with_head_bandage: :dizzy_face: ]

LV SS Base really sneaks up on you. The first week or two can feel easy, but keep answering the surveys. It very quickly became the hardest I’ve ever worked on the bike… and the most fun I’ve had, and most progress I’ve made! You have to ‘tune’ each different zone with the surveys, they can’t guess from one category over to the next.

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