Apply TR Workouts to Running and Swimming

Could you theoretically convert cycling workouts to running and swimming using % of threshold pace? Do the training zones transfer to the other sports (Endurance, Tempo, SS, etc.)?

You likely would have to adjust the total time to reflect the event you’re training for, but I’m curious if I could do, for example, Sanford+1 (6x3min at 105% of threshold) on my run and swim threshold days. And rinse-repeat with VO2, Tempo and Endurance days as well.

TR’s triathlon plans have running and swimming workouts. Might be worth checking out to see if they meet your needs. There was a point in time where I was biking and swimming and elected to follow the tri plan workouts just to have some structure.

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For running I think there is a lot of crossover. I wouldn’t plan a running schedule like what you would do on the bike but workouts themselves aren’t far off. Don’t know much about the swimming world but from the swimmers that have crossed over to running I think there is a lot more intensity and volume of that intensity.

Search around Stryde and you’ll find some people have for running.

There’s no swimming power meters really, but I think someone hooked up a vasa erg during lockdown to a PM and did something similar, but arguably that’s nothing like swimming even if successful.

Obviously there’s a lot of overlap of the intervals and rest periods.

In running you generally need to be more careful with intensity (weight bearing, injury risk).

In swimming you can hit it way harder.

There would be a lot less workouts over 60-90min.