Changing default workout duration

Hello guys! Subscribed 1 week ago. What a marvelous app and healthy community! Love it!

I wonder this. I’m on base 1 on the low volume plan. 2x60m plus 1x90m workouts. Can i change the default duration for the first 2 to 75 minutes? While i surely don’t wanna get overtrainned, i think i can handle this little increase.

I know i can manualy choose an alternative workout, but i would prefer to have it auto done and adaptive trainning account and adjust for it.

Thanks in advance guys!


Unfortunately there isn’t a way to have TR automatically change the length of the scheduled workouts in a plan. Your best bet is the use the “Alternates” tab each time to pick a 75 minute workout with a similar PL


Once you progression levels get to a certain level, the weekday workouts will go from 60mins to 75 mins. I can’t say what PL but it will happen. Other than that manually choosing an alternate is the way to go.


Welcome to the community! This is a good suggestion. Great first post.

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Ok, so if i pick a 75m workout, adaptive training will account it for calculations, right?

Or you can do the work and extend cooldown at the end of the workout, and up the percentage. Upping the volume gradually by adding some Z2 is safe way.

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That’s right. Doing a ‘4’ workout which is 60 minutes long will be equivalent in difficulty to a ‘4’ which is 75 minutes long, BUT, the 75 minute workout will be at a lower intensity to make up for the higher volume.

The TR crew has discussed a training volume between ‘low volume’ and ‘mid volume’ before. Currently, low volume is 3 days/week, mid is 5, and high volume is 6. There is a missing option of 4 days, which I think would suit a lot of people. The recommendation they always give is to add in a z2 ride on a day that suits you, so long as the quality of your other workouts isn’t impacted.

Having said that, they haven’t really talked about being able to change the default length of a workout, but I think the ‘alternates’ feature is probably the best we will get, given the difficulties in writing plans for so many different types of riders.


Ok, makes sense.

In my case, i already have some experience. I prefer to do only 3 days, but longer workouts. I do strength training on the gym on the other days.

I agree that between the low volume and the mid one there is a big gap. Not everyone is starting cycling for the first time, but the mid one might be too much for them. 1 hour on the rollers feels equivalent to 1.30h on the road.

But then alright, there is the Alternates option so fair enough, as long Agaptive training account for it.

The crew at TR and lots of people on this forum including myself suggest supplementing the low volume plan with z2 endurance days. Easiest way is to pick the train now suggested endurance ride if you want some additional “safe” volume on your non ache training days.

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