Does adaptive training change time of workotus?

So I’m not in beta yet. waiting for my golden ticket while I read others experiences. Random question popped into my head, does AT change the length of workouts on you? I train really early in the morning during the week. I can fit a 1-1:15 ride in, and I pick my plans based on that. Would there be a scenario where AT says, you were supposed to have a level 6.2 endurance ride that was 75 minutes, but you need a 7.2 endurance ride and those are only 90 minutes, so that’s what you got now?

It doesn’t take time constraints into account at the moment. However, if it feeds you a workout that is longer than you can do, you can use the alternates function to find one that fits your schedule. This function will let you pick how much time you have and what difficulty class of workout you want to do, and will serve you a few alternative options similar to the prescribed workout that targets the same zone. This may mean sacrificing on the workout level, but not always.

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If you go in the adaptive training thread, you can find links to my videos on youtube regarding my AT, but AT does suggest workouts of different lengths, but I think it’s more to fit the parameters of the weekly hours as opposed to someone defining daily time constraints. I actually did just make a video on choosing alternate workouts if the current day’s workout isn’t something you want, so you can always manually adjust to a comparable workout of the duration you have available