Workout Time frame Options

Am I correct in thinking there is as yet no way to specify how long workouts can be on certain days?
I’m on a low volume plan and usually I get 1hr on Tues, 1hr on Thurs & 1hr30 on Saturday. I see in a few weeks in my calendar I have 1hr15 on Tues, 1hr45 on Thurs and 1hr30 on Sat :astonished:. There is no way I have time for 1hr30 or more on a week day.
Do I find an alternative that’s shorter but the same progression level?

Yup, for now the Alternates tool is the solution. Open the planned workout, change thw duration to what fits your available time and hoped yhere is an option within.

Nate mentioned that they have plans to allow users to set daily time limits, but we have no idea when those will be available.