Reminder of current Progression Levels in workout selection

This is a random small feature request that I feel the need to post somewhere. Whenever I go into the Workouts tab to choose or browse new workouts to do, I always end up doing it twice. On the first time, I’ll select a duration, a zone, and productive/achievable etc, and THEN I’ll realise I can’t remember what level I am. So I then go back to my Career page and remind myself of my level, swap back to the Workout tab, and all my filters are reset. So I fill them out again.

It’s definitely partly a ‘me’ problem, but if the Workout tab had a reminder of what my levels are, I’d be saved a lot of button clicks.


I think it would be nice if workouts were listed as Stretch +1.5 instead of just Stretch.

Do you need to see this for achievable workouts as well?


That’s a nice idea, I think of this kind of implementation on all workouts would solve my issue too. One reason I struggle with this is that I can never remember whether productive workouts start at my current level, or my level +0.1. If every workout said +0.1, +0.5 etc etc then that would be great

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Some quick indication on the workout page of actual deltas would be great. “Productive” can be as little as 0.1 up to 1.0 higher than the current PL. Similar deltas for any of the other Difficulty levels so finding where you are landing within that takes extra work that could be eliminated with this suggestion.

I’ve had a few workouts that didn’t follow my expectations that were a result of this range and not taking the time to cross-check before hand.


Just to add another vote to the pile - I also would like this feature. It can be a pain flipping back and forth to remember what PL I am at.


I agree with this one. It’s often I go to pick a workout, then have to go back out because I forgot what level I am, before going back in to finally select one.


I’m another fan of this idea. If I’m not quite feeling up to a +0.5 productive, I will sometimes look for a less-productive(?) alternate workout. Having some indication on the workout and/or alternates selector would help out a lot.


Me, exactly, over and over because I learn so slowly…


Great idea. I didn’t realize I was doing this until you brought it up. Exactly the same flow for me to pick something.

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Look at what I stumbled on today…

That’s a clip from the TR website, viewing my pending workout for tomorrow. It also works the same for viewing any workout loaded from the library (not just ones on your calendar or plan).

Seems this might be “Solved / Resolved” if it sticks around. I will tag @ZackeryWeimer just to see if he can confirm the status of this new feature.

ETA: Checking the Android mobile & Win apps, they do NOT currently show this new Workout Level info. Here’s to hoping this is just the start of implementation and these others will get the same info access in the near future.


I’m still trying figure out how Boarstone is a “Recovery” ride :thinking::rofl:

Yes, still broken as they stated in the other related topic.

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Ah TR timescales again!

Fixed soon they said - 3 days ago :thinking:

To be fair, soon on a software development time scale is probably 2-4 weeks.