Add current progression next to TrainNow suggested rides

When selecting the TrainNow option, it lists 3 rides with the category and progression next to it, in the example I’ve uploaded Sweet Spot 3.8.
It would be really helpful it the current level is in brackets next to this, so it’s clear if this will be a progression or not, without having to flick back to career page. I’ve added this to the second example to illustrate.

This is a small thing, but would help lots of us with terrible working memory!!

Keep up the good work.


Doesn’t specifically explain where the thresholds between each category lie.
However, if you go to workouts, select a zone, select productive and sort by workout level, you will see that:

Achievable <= current PL.
Productive => current PL to PL+1.
Stretch PL+1 to PL +2.5

So in the workouts list, it theoretically is possible for something to be labelled as both achievable and productive if it is your current PL. I would assume that you are going to be offered an actual step up if it’s labelled productive in TrainNow.

I like the idea of a (+0.4) next the PL in this scenario.

However, that may require additional micro copy to explain that a negative number doesn’t automatically downgrade your career/current PL. Even saying that, I’m assuming too many things. It’d introduce friction for many use cases.

Displaying your current PL inline with the Achievable/Productive/Stretch etc label so it’s [Productivity label] (Current PL: 1.2) could solve it. It’s in context and there’s room even on small devices.

Or you just stop using TrainNow tab and use the Career tab because that has the same TrainNow module plus your PL levels below it.

The extra label on the card would be nice for the Workouts page, though. So, it’d probably be best to use it everywhere for continuity if introduced.

Is that an added preference, though? Do some users not want their current PL displayed in the same way the users’ FTP isn’t displayed on the post-ride share graphic? That’s one for the UX team to solve. Or not.

I just ran the random number generator of TrainNow and got a Threshold productive with my current PL. So, I take back what I said.