Feature Request - Progression Level as Completed

It would be really nice if TR ran your completed workout power file through the progression level algorithm to tell you the level of an in-ride modified workout. I’m fairly certain that TR is already doing some version of this in the background. Recommended adaptations suggest that AT seems to know how badly you failed a workout, and TR instantly calculates a progression level from the workout creator. If I bump the last two intervals of a level 4.0 workout by 5%, did that make what I completed a 4.1 or a 4.8? Or maybe I failed halfway through the second to last interval; did I complete a 3.6 or a 3.0? Would be nice to know!

ie some sort of notification during the workout that alerts you when your manual changes are impacting the PL?

Those changes are not calculated in real-time, rather upon completion of the workout. Would be cool if we could do this though!

Thanks for the response Ivy! No, I wasn’t looking for any real time info. That might be a little too much for my already challenged brain to process mid ride.

What I have noticed is that when I fail a ride, AT seems to drop the PL significantly for the next ride in that zone if I fail a workout pretty badly (like only completing 3 or 6 intervals). On the other hand when I just barely fail a ride (like quitting part way through the last interval), the subsequent drop in PL recommendation is smaller, if there is a drop at all. This makes me think that TR/AT is calculating the PL as completed.

…but maybe I am just imagining things!

Totally! Okay that makes sense, and we’re actually working now on a way of giving you credit for exactly what you do during every workout, indoors and out, structured or unstructured. It’s not quite ready yet but it’s one of our engineers’ top priorities!