AT - Successful "Stretch"= +0 PL / Failed "Productive" = +0.8 PL?

Does this make sense to anyone?


on the surface no, but does your progression level on the main page reflect vo2 level being 5.4 now?


Contact support? Feature is still in beta.

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It depends how you answered the surveys really. What did you do in response to whiteleaf?

Also check web vs. app - there were differences in the known issues…

So, interestingly I also failed my “productive” workout after Whiteleaf and got a bump in my PL.

My response to Whiteleaf and Hanover was “training fatigue” as the cause of my failure.

I’m having a hard time understating how failing workouts leads to increases in my PL…

This definitely looks like unintended behavior. Shoot an email!

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Email support and report back if you think the learnings are worth sharing.

My gut take is that these are pretty low levels at 2.4 and 3.6. The response of training fatigue might point back to lowering Vo2max (or not increasing it) as that was what caused the ‘fail’ vs. threshold 2.4 being too hard.

Don’t overthink this…PLs help get you a workout that’s most likely to be successful for you and develop your growth. When you take a FTP test they reset to 1 and you start finding the next best workouts at your new FTP.

I noticed the same thing. I did a mild stretch workout and rated it hard. Passed with no problem and had +0 but my progression levels noted an increase. I redid the survey and rated it moderate (more accurate once I read the descriptions) and it shows a +1.1 reflecting the increase on the progression level.

check this one…other chads work might help

From support:

Unfortunately, it looks like you’re running into a known issue here. You’re correct in thinking that Adaptive Training shouldn’t be updating your Progression Level in the case of these two workouts. That said, we’re actively working on a solution so that this won’t be a problem in the future :slight_smile:

Even though you’re running into this issue, it’s only affecting the frontend display of your Progression Levels. On the backend, Adaptive Training should still recommend your upcoming workouts correctly based on the information from Whiteleaf and Hanover. Therefore, you should be able to continue using Adaptive Training and accept any pending recommendations with confidence that they are correct.


womp womp, thanks for sharing !!!