What Plan Did You Finish this Week?

What Plan are you finishing?
Did you modify the Plan (from the onset or part way through)?
How did it go?
What could have gone better?
What’s your next Plan?
Anything you’ll do different this time?

I’ll start:
What Plan are you finishing?: I’m just entering the rest week for SSB-LVI.

Did you modify the plan? I cut all of the Sat rides back to 1 hour to accomodate skiing and outdoor rides.

How did it go? This is really my first go at indoor, structured training, so I guess ok. I only missed 2 workouts, and added 3 outdoor rides.

What could have gone better? Well, I cut 6 rides short due to either time issues or exhaustion, so next series I’m going to focus on completing more rides. I’m looking forward to the ramp test, 'cuz I think my FTP is set too hight.

What’s your next Plan? SSB-LVII with the same reduction in Saturday workouts. I’m also going to add a rest week after the 3rd week.

Anything you’ll do different this time? I’ve never been consistent with a recovery drink (unless you count beer); I’m going to have a recory drink after every workout. I’m also going to add a fan to my space.


I finished ssbmv1, going to do my ramp test tomorrow. From the outset, it was my intention to have it come out somewhere between LV and MV, so my plan was to do minus versions of the 90 minute Saturday and Sunday rides, mostly to shorten them up to 60-75 minutes. Overall, it was kind of a mess. I got sick near the end of week three, lost some time to recovery, then restarted week three. At that point, I was feeling quite strong, and was doing the whole thing , and sometimes even upping the intensity. Too bad I got so carried away, because I overdid it, and I blew the last two rides of the fifth week.

I should have just done LV stuck with the plan, and maybe added a low intensity ride or two here and there. I’m totally new to any sort of structured training, so it’s been what I consider a good learning experience. I have always learned by failure, so this has been no exception. Looking forward to SSBLV2, going to try to learn from my mistakes!

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Finished SSBMV 1, completing (nearly…) all of the workouts. I was absolutely wrecked during the 5th week of the plan. I think I was doing more harm than good.

Switched to low volume for SSB2. Feel much better. Going into week 5 of this plan now, and feel strong, save for a bit of heaviness in legs. I’ve been adding in 1-2 EASY workouts a week.

Going to go on to short power build low volume, and maybe try adding fairly tame sweet spot work once a week (60 min workouts).

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Just completed week six of SSBMV1. I was fairly fatigued last week but still finished. For six weeks I felt I was right on the razors edge of too much and just enough but I kept to every detail of the plan. I’m now looking forward to my ramp test. I’ll thow up my results Tuesday for better or worse.

Just finished SSB Mid today. Swapped out the Wednesday rides for longer rides of the same percentages. Also added time to cool downs and warm ups. Wanted to increase the TSS enough to be prepared for SPB HV.

I would have added a little more TSS.

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Finished SSB2 LV this week. I did the 3 workouts during the week (90 min Tue, 60 min Wed and Fri), then added 2-4 hour ride outside on the weekends…I live in NC, so the weather is good enough for outdoor rides, and I’d go crazy if I only rode indoors. Seems to be working well. Build starts this week!

What Plan are you finishing? I Just finished up SSBMV2

Did you modify the Plan (from the onset or part way through)? I typically skip the easier endurance rides as I usually do 100+ miles outdoors on the weekends. I also was forced to cut down some of the longer 1.5-2hr rides into the 1hr variants due to Daddy duties.

How did it go? It went ok minus a two week vacation and ultimate getting sick. I basically lost about two weeks of training and noticed a slight decline in performance. I also struggle on threshold workouts and have learned that I must be fresh and well fueled to complete them.

What could have gone better? Not getting sick while on vacation.

What’s your next Plan? Unsure… I’m thinking of doing the Sustained power build plan due to my weakness of sustained efforts. But the general build also looks interesting.

Anything you’ll do different this time? Push harder!!!


Finished general build mv today. Ramp on tuesday to start short power build mv. Missed two workouts total over 8 weeks in general build so im hoping i show some more gains on tuesday!

Just finished SSB LV2.
I did not modify this plan.
It went well. There were only two workouts that I wouldn’t consider failures, but that did not go well.
In the future I think I may add in just one recovery ride before starting the last week. That last work week always gets me.
I have a one week gap before starting a general build phase. In that week I plan to do a couple vo2 workouts because I find them as a weakness.

For some reason I don’t have the same issues with the last weeks of the build plans in general. I think it’s largely due to my increased volume in general from nicer weather and outdoor riding.

What Plan are you finishing? I’m not finished, but I’m through everything but the recovery week of Traditional Base III Mid Volume. The recovery week looks so nice right now… :joy:
Did you modify the Plan (from the onset or part way through)? I shortened a few Saturday rides because I also do my long run Saturday morning. I skipped a few workouts when I got busy.
How did it go? Pretty well. Part III incorporates a lot more sweet spot than I and II did, but I feel like even when I struggled there was a lot of training effect.
What could have gone better? I’m looking for a job right now, which means a lot of free time but a lot of stress when I’m prep’ing for an interview, and sometimes traveling - it’s hard to do 2-3 hours on a trainer in a hotel gym with no air flow.
What’s your next Plan? Sweet spot I Low Volume. My only goal races this year are a century ride in a couple of months and an Olympic triathlon at the end of September, so I’m trying to maximize my time base-building.
Anything you’ll do different this time? With 3 rides of 60-90 minutes each per week, I think I’ll not have any trouble fitting them in.

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What Plan are you finishing? SSB2MV (recovery week left)

Did you modify the Plan (from the onset or part way through)? Modified week 5 by swapping Leconte and Lamarck to ensure I had gas in the tank for the 2hr SS ride, then did Tallac +3 instead of Wright Peak -1 since I didn’t do Tallac the prior week.

How did it go? Went well, I dialed up all the VO2 workouts, including Spencer. Felt good on the short threshold stuff. My rough spot was the weekends. I shortened Geiger+2 to Geiger after Kaweah and just flat dropped Tallac +3 after Mary Austin. Good lessons from those, however. Also missed Jepson because my Kickr failed. Otherwise, no backpedals or reduced intensity throughout.

What could have gone better? I need to manage recovery time before weekend long ride better. Twice I tried to do 90min over unders in the afternoon followed by morning 2hr SS about 13 hrs later. Failed or reduced the SS workout both times. Also need to fuel those long SS workouts better, and did at the end of the plan.

What’s your next Plan? Not sure. Baby #2 arrives this week, it’ll probably be low volume and I’ll add an endurance ride when I can. I have no goal events, but normally a triathlete so Sustained Power Build is best. That said, I want to shake things up and try my hand at different stuff, so Short Power Build is appealing with my strength at VO2 max stuff. So General Build might be the compromise between focusing on my normal discipline and having a little fun.

Anything you’ll do different this time? Manage recovery so i can get long endurance rides done too.

What Plan are you finishing?

Did you modify the Plan (from the onset or part way through)?
I work from home on Mondays and Thursday, so I trained on Mon, Thu and Sat instead of Tue, Thu, Sat.
On Tues, Weds and Fri I have a short 15-20 min commute by bike each way, so that adds up to about another 100 TSS per week.
In week 4, Tunnabora felt super easy so I added +1 to Geiger on Thurs. I looked to do the same in week 5 but Tallac +1 looks easier than Tallac so didn’t bother

How did it go?
Fine, completed everything on target except the very last interval of Palisade where I couldn’t quite get the power up on the first 6 min. Clearly a mental issue though, as I finished the interval above target.

What could have gone better?
Could have probably added more stress later in the plan on the sweetspot intervals as they felt perfectly manageable.

What’s your next Plan?

Anything you’ll do different this time?
See how I feel during the plan and be more confident about adjusting things as I go along.

What Plan are you finishing?
Did you modify the Plan (from the onset or part way through)?
My only planned change was to add a recovery week mid-plan. Due to business travel, the planned stretched out to 8 weeks though.
How did it go?
Not so well. I did 17 TR workouts, 4 of which I failed. Also did 4 outside fun rides.
What could have gone better?
I started the plan with FTP of 218. After getting destroyed on a number of workouts, I ratcheted FTP down 5%. Then 1 week later, ratcheted down another 5% to 196. Just completed a ramp test tonight for a FTP of 208. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll accept that as I move into the next plan.
What’s your next Plan?
Sustained Power Build, LV. Wednesday rides are reduced to 1hr, and Sat rides to 1:15 due to time constraints. I’ll add in a fun ride 2-3x per month.
Anything you’ll do different this time?
There should be, I just don’t know what yet!