SSMV1 - Missed saturday o/u workout earlier in the plan, squeeze it into the rest week?

Hi all,

I’m doing the SSMV2 plan.

I missed the Saturday o/u workout on week 3 due to illness. Still a little bit sick on Sunday, but attempted and was able to finish the workout (Antelope) semi-comfortably.

So my plan was to move all the Saturday workouts (O/U) one week down, so that I was able to get the progression that is set out in the plan and not miss any of the over/unders. Meaning that McAdie +1 would end up in the rest week.

I did Palisade and Galena this weekend, and felt great. Was not looking forward to them at all, but felt like I smashed both. This felt like the easiest o/u workout so far in the plan.

So I was wondering if I should take the rest that this week gives me before moving on to SSMV2, or if I should try to squeeze in McAdie +1, and maybe drop or shorten one of the longer endurance workouts this weekend?

I think you just abandon it and move on. use the rest week to rest.