Recovery with less than ideal sleep

As the title says, does anyone have any recovery tips about managing less than ideal sleep? I have a toddler who decided to not sleep anymore and I have barely gotten any sleep in two weeks. Looking for strategies to maintain some semblance of training under this condition. Not sure if I should look to reduce intensity, or drop workouts? Any input appreciated.

I’m interested too.
I have a new born and a toddler that has suddenly become adverse to sleep too. I have not trained in 3 months and desperately need to get on with it. Lack of sleep was a factor in not training, but that is likely to stay.

Absolutely reduce intensity - maintenance level workouts will be OK but dont worry about taking a rest day.
There was a question on the podcast or maybe another one I don’t recall) from a woman with a new baby and she was not getting much sleep and she was asking what was the best type of workouts to do when she could grab 45-670 minutes.
The answer was that the best thing she could do in that time was get some sleep.

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Gone through this twice! Both times, I focused on just ticking over and enjoying the riding I did manage to do. Nothing worse than entering the downward spiral of beginning and then quitting tough sessions.

Don’t put pressure on yourself and enjoy the time with your newborn!!!

Please don’t take this as parenting advice but when we had trouble with our son, we got a sleep consultant after a month and it was definitely a good investment.

So think of it as a training investment as well😀 and good luck.

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I have had sleep issues my whole life, quality sleep is a rare thing and only found with 2 to 3 Ambien and then I’m lucky if I get 3 to 4 hours sleep. Father of 3 and we took shifts with the little ones but were mainly blessed with full nights fairly quickly.

I will tell you something the rest might not, CHERISH THESE MOMENTS, the staying up, the missing sleep, being close to them while they are little… It wont last forever.


I started this exact thread last week. It’s tough.