Recovery with less than ideal sleep

As the title says, does anyone have any recovery tips about managing less than ideal sleep? I have a toddler who decided to not sleep anymore and I have barely gotten any sleep in two weeks. Looking for strategies to maintain some semblance of training under this condition. Not sure if I should look to reduce intensity, or drop workouts? Any input appreciated.

Naps, even if only in the weekend. My daughter is 4, and this is the first winter she hasn’t been up 2 to 3 times a week with nightmares or getting used to a real bed. That is with only 7 scheduled hours of sleep.

Half workouts are also better than none. Like Jonathan had been saying, i lived off of this for a while.


If I need rest, I rest.

I don’t believe training when you are knackered is effective, and if that means missing a workout that is fine.

My youngest is 18 months and she’s a great sleeper for her age, but I do still get randomly punched in the eyeball at 2am or, and this is her favourite, digging a foot in between my ribs with all her bod weight repeatedly between 3am and 4am or until I can’t take it anymore and get up. :joy: You have to laugh. Or cry. Or both…

Most times I’ll have a clear head by midday so for lunch I’ll do an easy run or ride if I’m working from home.

If at the end of a day I’m in a particularly bad state my wife lets me take the sofa (couch) for a quiet night. And vice versa.


Yeah, I totally agree. I’m kind of debating doing easier workouts, or skipping workouts mostly.

My 3 year old has slept wonderfully till now, and all of a sudden it’s no sleep whatsoever.

Yep it happens. Alternating taking responsibility is the only way we coped.

Thats pretty much the game plan now. I did two straight weeks and basically said i was getting a hotel if we didnt start switching off.

Luckily tonight i’m off duty as i have Palisade scheduled tomorrow!

THIS is funny.

One thing I’ve tried in addition to getting more sleep is to try to stay cognizant of my work load and/or stress at work and take a few minutes for myself to temporarily “check out”. 5 minutes of closing my eyes in my office to clear my mind actually does help me reset. After all, stress is stress and we all know that stress plays into recovery.

BTW, how many hours of sleep do you all usually shoot for? I average 7 if I’m lucky. Sleep is an aspect of my training that could use some training. Thought about trading the kids in but the wife objects.


It varies, but 8 is the goal.

I think I’ve had 8 total the past week…

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I use this device. I find that it helps me get complete cycles even if the night is interrupted multiple times. SR1

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The science now seems to back up that the continual, 8hrs sleep I grew up believing isn’t actually required to be well rested. Also, that resting without sleeping is still beneficial.

So now I’m less stressed about my sleep pattern I just try to put myself in a position to fall asleep between 22:00 and 7:00. If I get 6hrs with my eyes closed I know I’ll be okay. If it’s less than four I have to expect less of myself that day, and that I’ll want an hour eyes closed when I get home from work so evening sessions will be unlikely.

This attitude also means that if I get woken briefly a few times I don’t have to get annoyed about it. :+1:

Good luck!


That’s not going to leave you in a good mood!

Are their quiet places at work? Finding somewhere dark just to shut the eyelids for twenty minutes can be some respite.

I actually have a couch in my office for this. Work has been very full on lately unfortunately, i own my own business and have to give it full attention at the moment.

Hi G650,

You can also resort to rubbing a little CBD oil in the forehead before going to sleep. It also helps in improving your sleep.

This is great advice. I’ve been struggling waking up at 4am and not being able to drift back. The stress makes it worse but I’m just going to have to let go and not stress about it.