Missed recovery days and FTP test

Hello everyone.
So I was just wrapping up sweet spot base - mid volume 1 and in the middle of recovery week my wife went into labor 3 weeks earlier than expected :slight_smile: and now I have a new beautiful baby boy. While I was in the hospital I missed the last 2 days of the 1.5 hour active recovery work outs that are on the weekend and I also missed the FTP Test for Base 2. To add on top of that I didn’t get that much sleep for past 5 days (maybe 4 to 5 hours a night on average). I am currently debating what to do. I feel like I could take the FTP test now but might not be my best given my lack of sleep and I also haven’t done any active recovery in the last 5 days. How do you guys recommend I proceed? Thanks for the help in advance!

You will have to consider if you can continue with mid-volume plan or should the goal be trying to maintain what you have. I assume that Adaptive Training will be able to help a lot in the future.

I would do a ride with the same FTP and see how it goes.

So I am thinking I can maintain the mid volume plan and get back into the swing of things. Would riding a few more days at active recovery maintain my fitness and buy myself time to catch up on sleep so I can be fully recovered for an FTP test?

I would focus on family time and not worry about training for the time being. When you feel like you have some normality again once everyone has settled in then take a test and pick an appropriate plan.

Congratulations to you all.

Not sure if this is your first Child or not, but I’d suggest you won’t do any harm backing off the training a bit for at least a few weeks to see how you and your family are doing.

Last thing you want to be right now is a tired (and possibly a little grumpy) dad.

Congrats again.