Recovery week without bike

Hey guys, i’ve got a week of leave coming up and my family and i are heading away where i won’t have access to my bike. The week lines up with recovery week at the end of a sustained power build block. Is this very detrimental to my progress? Is there something i could be doing perhaps without a bike to encourage better outcomes from the week? I’m doing some scuba diving that week, thats all the equipment i think i’ll have.



You’re not going to lose much fitness in a week. Having this on the end of SPB will give your body a chance to absorb the training load from the prior block and unload some of the built up fatigue build blocks create. Don’t overthink it. Enjoy the break and reset so you can hit it when you get back.

As for alternatives, you could become a runner for a week . . . :grin:

Hiking is great if you’ll have access to good trails.

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Becoming a runner all of a sudden means all sorts of DOMS and working new muscles. That wouldn’t be recovery. If you have a hotel gym bike, you could go do 30 minutes of tempo every day just to keep the legs moving.

Otherwise, just enjoy the vacation.

Yeah running is definitely not my jam so i’m discounting starting that outright. Would some minor weight sessions help/hinder?

Weight sessions wont help. They might hinder if you dont lift regularly.

Just take the time off. Maybe go for some steady walks if you can.

I sometimes find that if I take an entire week off (even a recovery week) that it takes me time to get back in to the swing of things when the intensity kicks back in. With that in mind, dont be afraid to reduce the intensity slightly for the first workout or two.

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