Deload week vs. 1-week vacation

Hey folks,

I have a 1-week vacation coming up next month that, coincidentally, will exactly coincide with Week 4 of Build, which is the half way deload week. This will very much be a “lay around and do nothing” style vacation, so there will be ample opportunity for recovery.

In terms of fitting this week in with my Build block, I figure I have 3 options:

  1. Let the Deload week be a Rest/Off week instead – do the Week 5 ramp test as scheduled and simply carry on.

  2. Take a gap week and do the Deload week once I’m back, followed by the rest of Build as planned. Maybe throw in some intervals to keep the legs on track during the post-vacation week.

  3. Put off starting the Build block until after vacation; do another ~3 weeks of threshold/SS rides instead (currently wrapping up SSB II).

I’m sure I’m overthinking it, but since I’m still relatively new to structured training and am enjoying a steady progression, I figured I’d query the crowd here. Thoughts/input are much appreciated!

I was about to start the deload week, but after finishing virtual marathon on Sunday i decided to push it for next week.

Since you are going on vacation, i would take it easy. Just relax, enjoy the time. If you are going lead to good runs (if you are into that) then you should just go for easy running. Of if they have stationary bikes…maybe hit those for a bit. If the race schedule allows it, then push everything down one week.
If not, then resume normal when you come back!

Just dont put too much mind into it… vacations are important too.

I would follow option 1 if you can do some sort of light/moderate exercise (doesn’t have to be on the bike) during your vacation that would be even better. Depending on the volume and your body it will be a blessing in disguise to shed accumulated fatigue. If you feel flat when you come back you could consider extending the 2nd half of build and the first week back do easier versions of the prescribed workouts so you get back in the swing of things

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No stationary bikes – this will be a nice quiet beach house. Some easy runs are on the menu, and potentially swimming as well if the weather’s nice.

Yeah, overall I’m not worrying about it too much! Looking forward to some downtime either way.

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Yeah, I’m leaning towards option 1 as well. Some easy runs along the beach are definitely a menu option and are not a bad idea anyhow just for enjoyment’s sake. Good suggestion on potentially dialing it down on the week back – the ramp test will be the first order of business, so I’ll get a good idea of where the legs are at.

Oh mate I would be lapping that up! Enjoy it! Because when you are balls deep in a VO2 and/or Anaerobic session in a few weeks time you will be thanking past you for the chilled beach house vibes that you got to enjoy!