Recovery week versus tapering, intensity versus volume

Just finishing SSBLV2 and have the rest week before build. I understand the need to drop TSS and allow growth, but whilst tapering the advice from the TR team is to maintain intensity and drop volume. In the recovery week on this plan, volume is maintained but intensity dropped.

Am I just overthinking this, or is there a reason for this approach? Is tapering and recovery fundamentally different? Particularly in a low volume plan?

Either way I’m looking forward to some easy rides!

The trainerroad blog is a great resource


:+1: thanks for the link!

I think you are over thinking it. :slight_smile:

My guess would be that on an LV plan you don’t need to cut volume, just the intensity.

Hello, In TR plans, recovery weeks (e.g. every 3 week in build) seem to all have the same duration of riding (as compared to a regular week) but no intensity, all zone 2 riding.
I am curious about the difference between this approach vs recovery weeks where there is still some intensity, but the volume/total duration of riding time is reduced (e.g. half or 60% of normal duration of riding)?

Is or how is a recovery week different from a taper week?
I believe some places where I have heard of the reduced volume but still keep intensity is in reference to a taper week.
I can see in some specialty plans this is what happens in the last week of a specialty plan (reduced volume with intensity), however, it is only for some specialty plans and not all (e.g. the century plan final week is all zone 2 vs the final week of the rolling road race).
I get how a century ride is longer and lower intensity but there is still no sweet spot or even threshold in the final week.

Just curious.

@vanbc, I moved your post under one with essentially the same question. See the blog link in the reply above for great info.