Replacing Taper week with previous week

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Pretty new to TR and indoor training in general. I’ve finished SSB1 mid vol, my question relates to the taper week in SSB2 mid vol. I’m leaving on a Motorbike trip midway through my taper week (will miss workout 4 and 5). I will then be unable to train for a week.

In this scenario, does it even make sense for me to do a taper week, considering it will be followed by a rest week? Or should I just redo the prior week as far as possible, then take a rest week and carry on with my new plan (GB mid vol) when I’m back?

That is a fine plan, assuming that you aren’t too fatigued to finish them as prescribed.

If you have issues, swap to the recovery week workouts.

For clarity, you are looking at “Recovery” weeks. These differ from “Taper” weeks in the types of workouts they contain and the intent of each one.

Recovery is about low intensity to allow the body time to adapt to the prior training stimulus.

Taper is about keeping high intensity, but reducing training volume to keep a sharp edge on your fitness. It is final prep before races.

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Thanks for the response and clarification, much appreciated!

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