Recovery/Taper weeks, Same duration & zone 2 vs Reduced volume with some intensity?

Hello, In TR plans, recovery weeks (e.g. every 3 week in build) seem to all have the same duration of riding (as compared to a regular week) but no intensity, all zone 2 riding.
I am curious about the difference between this approach vs recovery weeks where there is still some intensity, but the volume/total duration of riding time is reduced (e.g. half or 60% of normal duration of riding)?

Is or how is a recovery week different from a taper week?
I believe some places where I have heard of the reduced volume but still keep intensity is in reference to a taper week.
I can see in some specialty plans this is what happens in the last week of a specialty plan (reduced volume with intensity), however, it is only for some specialty plans and not all (e.g. the century plan final week is all zone 2 vs the final week of the rolling road race).
I get how a century ride is longer and lower intensity but there is still no sweet spot or even threshold in the final week.

Just curious.

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