Recomendation for changing my plan (Main event was cancelled)

So this question has been asked a lot and believe me when I say that I have read those topics, but still haven’t find an answer to my question…

I was training with my mind and the TR plan set on a 180km event next june that obviously was cancelled, although they just announced today. So, completing my plan as it is doesn’t make any sense to me anymore (right now i’m finishing build fase LV). My first instinct was to simply delete the A event from the plan and let it recalculate again. I did that and basically what it did was to add a few weeks to the speciality and then repeat the same plan, same workouts again, which for me is kinda boring and a little bit disappointing.

So… TR comunity, what would you recommend me to do, to have a new plan, that has new exercises and basically just help me to get fitter through these uncertain times?

You can swap out the plans from Plan Builder to give yourself some variety. An alternative would be to repeat SSB pt2 and Build but choose different plans each time, so SSB LV2, Sustained Power Build, SSB LV2, general build and so on.

if you want a ‘fun’ plan look through some of the other plans and see if anything strikes your fancy. Also a good time to work on some weaknesses. So if you’re used to sustained power maybe look at the short power plans

Vo2max are the worst for me… I was actually thinking about that as well

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I was going to mention something along similar lines.

There’s no absolute requirement to follow the plans to the letter, you can swap out workouts as you see fit and to keep boredom away but I’d choose something similar, i.e. don’t change a threshold workout for a VO2max one. Also try and find a workout that has similar TSS and IF so that it still fits into the progression within the plan.

As an example: SSB LV2 has an over-under progression of Palisade, Mary Austin -1 and Leconte. Swap them out for Avalanche Spire +2, Fang Mountain +2 and Picket Guard.