Cancelled events - shifting goals to next year


I’ve been following a training plan (high volume) for 4 months now. My goal was two endurance events in 2020: the Dragon Ride (Wales) in June (300km, 5000m ascent) and L’etape du tour (France) in July (175km, 3600m ascent).

Training was going well but of course now things have changed. The Dragon ride has been cancelled and the L’etape is likely to be. I’m struggling to figure out what I should do. I don’t think I should stick to the training plans (the high volume build and then the specialty) given there’s no event at the end of it.

I am planning to shift my goal to the same events a year later in 2021. I don’t want to lose all the hard-earned fitness I’ve gained over the last 4 months though! Can anyone recommend what plans I should be following at this point? I was wondering about going onto a maintenance plan… or going back to base… or a kind of hybrid plan?

I was also thinking of dropping intensity and frequency as we’re in lockdown with a not-quite reliable food supply – so would be low-medium volume!

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